Floki Sets Next Roadmap Goals with a Sharp Focus on Utility and Strengthening Community Ties

March 22, 2023: Floki has articulated a clear objective: to become the most popular and widely used cryptocurrency in the world. 

To realize this vision, FLOKI plans to capitalize — a combination of meme-friendly allure, its vibrant community, partnerships and, notably, a strong emphasis on utility.

The team behind Floki outlined a series of strategic initiatives designed to expand utility and enhance user experience.

Phase 1 – Strengthening Foundations in DeFi

The first phase focuses on integrating Floki with Venus, a leading lending protocol on the BNB chain. A successful integration into Venus’s Core Pool would provide Floki holders with access to deeper liquidity pools and the ability to borrow a wider range of assets using FLOKI as collateral.

Phase 1 also sees the introduction of Floki Debit Cards and the launch of the ‘University of Floki’ crypto education platform, providing resources and courses to the community at no cost.

Phase 2 – Trading Innovation and Fintech Synergy

The roadmap moves forward with Phase 2, launching the Floki Trading Bot, a cross-chain trading tool available through Telegram and Discord. The trading bot incentivizes platform use by contributing to token value through fees that support the purchase and burning of FLOKI tokens.

Further, Phase 2 will roll out Floki Domain Names and a Decentralized Website Service, allowing users to brand their online presence with .floki domain names. Notably, the phase includes the collaboration with a fintech partner to introduce Floki-powered Bank Accounts across multiple regions, enhancing the project’s reach to the unbanked population.

Phase 3 – Education Expansion and Staking Solutions

Enhancing Floki’s educational offerings, ‘University of Floki V2’ arrives in Phase 3 with advanced features, premium courses, and a referral system. Additionally, the FlokiFi Locker V3 will be released, and the groundbreaking Staking-as-a-Service platform will be introduced, offering staking solutions powered by the FLOKI token for other projects.

Phase 4 – Gaming Milestones and International Expansion

Phase 4 will kickstart with the launch of the Valhalla mainnet, a PlayToEarn metaverse game integrating blockchain gaming mechanics, upgradeable NFTs, and an expansive open world. Alongside the global version, a Chinese-specific Valhalla mainnet is set to capture the attention of gamers in China’s vast gaming market.

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