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You can submit your advertisement for EdaFace Newsfeed Platform by filling the following form.

Requirements for Submission

  • EdaFace verifies any Project before listing it on its platforms. This is to prevent scams, protect the users, and provide more value to users’ investments.
  • Though EdaFace strives to prevent scams, users are advised to do their own research before using any project. See EdaFace full legal requirements at the Footnotes (please, hyperlink the necessary footnote).
  • There are 11 Parameters that you will need to fill in this form and submit for your Project to be advertised on EdaFace Newsfeed Platform.
  • If you have all the required 11 Parameters ready, the process of submission takes about 10 minutes.

(1). Advertisement Banner

Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, jpeg, doc, docx, Max. file size: 5 MB.

(2). Whitepaper link

(3). Social Media links

Interactive media links, e.g. Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

(4). Crypto Characteristics:

(5). Project Team

Submit the following details for each member of the Core Team and Advisory Team:

(6). Company Details:

DD slash MM slash YYYY
(g). Registered Names of Directors
** Note that only email address of the Project website is accepted, e.g. [email protected]. No public email such as yahoo mail, gmail, etc. will be accepted. **

(7). Proof of Company Registration Certificate:

Max. file size: 2 MB.
For Proof of Registration, you will need to upload a copy of Company Registration Certificate.

(8). Authorised Person Profile

The person submitting this Project application to EdaFace Launchpad for approval must be either an Official Member of the Company or an Authorized Representative with permission to represent the project and information given in this application. Proof of your involvement and permission to represent the company and submit this application will be required.

** Note that only email address of the Project website is accepted, e.g. [email protected]. No public email such as yahoo mail, gmail, etc. will be accepted. **
Max. file size: 2 MB.

(9). Terms and Conditions

Before you make any payment, please review the Terms and Conditions and all other legal requirements of EdaFace and EDA Ecosystem in general.

Specifically note that:

  1. Pornography or X-rated project will not be listed.
  2. Payment is made only with Eda Token.
  3. All payments are non-refundable.
  4. Your Advertisement will be displayed at the next available space.

(10). Make Payment

(a). See the Price List for Advertisement on EdaFace Newsfeed Platform.
(b). To make payment with Eda Token, click here:
If you already made payment

(11). Submit Your Advert

Before you click on the Submission Button, please be sure that ALL the above 11 Required Parameters for Advertisement on EdaFace Newsfeed Platform have been entered. Any missing parameter may delay the placement of your advert.

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