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Wishing To Double Your Holding This Bear Run? Check These Top Cryptos Projected for Massive Rallies in the Coming Months

The hope and optimism surrounding the next bull market far outweigh the present bearish conditions. As such, this downtrend time is a unique opportunity that investors should maximize. For investors looking for the best crypto investment, KangaMoon, Bitcoin, Polygon, Tron, and Aptos are suitable options. Built on strong fundamentals, these tokens provide a surefire way to wealth, offering traders high values and long-term gains. With the next bull market on the horizon, these tokens are set for a massive hit in the coming months.

KangaMoon (KANG)

In contrast to many big tokens that have seen a steep decline through bearish pressure, KangaMoon (KANG) has instead continued its spiral uptick, emerging as one of the top crypto coins in the market. The platform combines two strong fundamentals of GameFI and SocialFi models, enabling users to come together for an immersive gaming experience. 

In its ongoing ICO campaign, KangaMoon has raised $6.5M in funding and registered more than 20k subscribers with holders exceeding 6k, indicating the absolute confidence it has from investors. That’s just the tip of the iceberg KangaMoon has to offer. The platform creates a reward haven for all stakeholders, allocating a huge amount of tokens to reward members who are key contributors to the success of the project. 

At $0.025, KangaMoon is a bargain, with early birds enjoying a massive ROI of 400%. According to the platform’s latest Twitter post, the KangaMoon staking Dapp is underway, with stakers set to earn huge profits. The more you stake, the higher your percentage of stake earnings. By purchasing the KANG token, you become a member of the community with the potential to earn free KANG tokens through simple social tasks.

Furthermore, by investing in KangaMoon, traders are not only boosting their financial firepower, but they are also investing in a project that is set to be the future of gaming. For those who truly enjoy Web3 gaming, KangaMoon offers a unique blend of SocialFi and GameFI, portraying it as one of the best cryptos to invest in now.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is the father of cryptocurrency and the one on which many altcoins take after. Despite these hard times, Bitcoin is always a profitable investment. The token has recently raced to a new all-time high record of $73k before dipping to $65k last month as the bear pressure fought back. For highly placed investors, Bitcoin offers a sure bet to earn big in the crypto industry. The Bitcoin halving that recently happened offers renewed hope for the future of Bitcoin. Although the halving may not have picked up as expected, the utmost belief is that the effect of the halving will soon be felt.

Bitcoin’s market cap stands at a huge $1.1 trillion, ranking it as the number 1 cryptocurrency. With the recently approved Bitcoin spot ETF, the bull run is expected to kickstart a massive bullish momentum for the token. Some analysts believe that with favorable market conditions, Bitcoin price may trade at up to $100,000 in 2024. By buying Bitcoin now when the market is down, the potential profit that can be gotten could be massive. For investors seeking a high-level cryptocurrency with minimal risk of loss, Bitcoin stands out among its peers, making it one of the best cryptos to buy.

Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon is another crypto we are bullish on to return a very high profit in the second quarter of 2024. Even though the Polygon price is in the downtrend, slipping by 30% in the past month, its antecedents as an Ethereum scaling solution justify its inclusion. Aside from providing faster transactions which can not be gotten from the main Ethereum network, Polygon also offers a lower gas fee, allowing investors to bypass the main network.

Furthermore, Polygon is the preferred network for game developers, giving them so much flexibility to build immersive gaming for users. By choosing from Polygon CDK, Polygon PoS, and Immutable zkEVM, Polygon offers different ways for game developers to develop amazing games. With the new Polygon Aggregated layer designed to redefine cross-interoperability set to launch soon, the token has a big future that can trigger a massive rally for its holders.

Tron (TRX)

Tron is one of the blockchain networks aiming to provide digital content creators with full ownership of the content. Using the benefit of a decentralized economy, Tron gives full acknowledgment to creators without involving third-party mercenaries. While Ethereum is the undisputable king of Layer 1, Tron is one of the preferred options for users who do not want to deal with Ethereum and its Layer 2 services. The network allows the creation of dApps, publishing content, and earning digital assets as rewards. 

With Tron’s market cap standing at $10 billion, the platform is one of the highly traded cryptos. As Tron continues to evolve its ecosystems by making the Web more decentralized, there will be greater interest among crypto enthusiasts. Having only dropped slightly in the past month, Tron’s price is showing resilience, making it one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy in this dip. With Tron active accounts surging past 227 million, the network is seeing huge traction that may catapult it to the summit of bullish tokens soon. 

Aptos (APT)

Aptos is a layer 1 Proof-of-Stake blockchain advocating for mainstream Web3 adoption and solving real-life user problems through the development of decentralized applications. As an ecosystem, Aptos is one of the popular blockchains used by developers, allowing them to scale and optimize their web performance. Its upgradeability and flexibility have also endeared it to developers who quickly want to ship their dApps to production. 

Although Aptos is relatively new compared to older blockchains, its sojourn in the DeFi space has opened up floodgates of success. From 13k active addresses in 2023, Aptos has surged to 70k in 2024, indicating that the network is highly regarded by enthusiasts. Not only that, the Aptos gaming ecosystem is one of the best, offering users a seamless pathway to exceptional gaming. There is also a staking opportunity for users with very high APY. By staking their assets, holders stand to earn more rewards on their investments.

Closing Thought

As the bull market beckons, some tokens are expected to outpace others in profit. Due to their features and growth potentials, these tokens have the necessary impetus to thrive in the bull run. Although some of the tokens may be out of reach of average investors, some, like Tron and Polygon, are trading below $1, making them relatively accessible to investors with low liquidity. 

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