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Bitgert Coin Price Predicted to Soar This Week: Expert Analysis

The crypto market started looking up in May after the brief correction phase in April. We saw Bitcoin reach another ATH of $73K before the halving. Post-halving historical trends suggest Bitcoin will kick off another rally and absorb even more gains.

The rest of the altcoin market responds to Bitcoin prices, whether it is going up or falling down. Investors seeking to put their money in the market keep an eye on Bitcoin for the same. Now that fortunes have turned in favour and opportunities to draw in profits are emerging each day, it is time to find that one coin that presents a long-term growth opportunity. 

Bitgert is an L1 chain with the fastest transaction speed and most affordable gas fee structure, giving tough competition to Solana, Tron, Cardano, Injective, etc., is BItgert. It is a layer-1 blockchain based on the proof of Authority mechanism (PoA), which facilitates great user experience, security, and scalability for the Bitgert chain. 

Bitgert was launched in 2021 and rebranded in the same year as an L1. It reached an ATH during the worst phase of the bear market. Already, Bitgert has blessed its early investors with ROI as high as 40,000%. Bitgert’s token BRISE has a limited supply and a deflationary price mechanism, which keeps the supply in check against rising demand. In the future, as the BItgert ecosystem evolves and expands further, BRISE will find more use cases. The more use cases, the more value a token has. As usage increases against a deflationary supply, BRISe tokens will surely pump to heavenly heights. 

The Bitgert ecosystem is built on a dual model. First, the ecosystem has its own native capabilities, including BItgert exchange, a zero-trading fee CEX, a P2P exchange, a payment gateway, and Startup Studio. Startup Studio is a novel initiative where the Bitgert team helps new startups raise funds via public and private sales. 

The Bitgert ecosystem is also a favorite among the developers and founders seeking to build their applications on a fully functional yet scalable and affordable blockchain. Some of the recent partnerships Bitgert forged to develop the ecosystem further include partnerships with: 

  • MedicalVEDA for empowering healthcare with Blockchain precision and AI insights
  • Prism Net for bringing supercomputing to AI
  • Crypto Mayhem for working for the evolution of gaming within the metaverse
  • Sands Casino for rewriting the future of gambling 
  • DeSui for creating a simplified gateway for WEB3.
  • IXIRPAD, the incubator for WEB 3.0 innovation, for helping startups raise funds and grow 
  • Wow Earn for groundbreaking advancements in decentralized technology

Bitgert’s price action has turned green, and technical indicators point to building momentum. This May, we might see BItgert grossing maxim gains as it plays the narrative game, builds itself up, and drives itself on the market momentum. Experts suggest Bitgert might soon see 2000% gains and shed a few zeroes from its price. Are you ready to bring s bounty home? Invest in Bitgert today. 

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