New Green Bitcoin Token to Launch on Uniswap After Raising $9.6M, CEX Listing to Follow

A new eco-friendly Bitcoin alternative, Green Bitcoin, will go live on Uniswap at 1 PM UTC on Thursday, 4 April 2024. Shortly after, the project will see a significant update and CEX listings.

Green Bitcoin recently underwent a presale, raising $9.6 million in its month-long campaign.

Launching on Uniswap opens Green Bitcoin’s flagship predict-to-earn mechanism, known as “gamified staking,” to the broader market. Its CEX announcement will take place the following week, on 10 April.

Limited information is available on the nature of Green Bitcoin’s CEX launch, but the token will begin trading on CEXs one day after the announcement (11 April).

The team will implement a major upgrade to the gamified prediction protocol on 18 April.

While boasting instant recognisability to the market leader, Green Bitcoin unleashes a new paradigm of possibilities, challenging crypto norms through its prediction model and keen focus on user rewards.

Getting started with Green Bitcoin is seamless. Users simply buy $GBTC tokens, stake them on the protocol, and then partake in the prediction game to earn rewards.

Daily predictions are available, inviting users to guess on events like whether Bitcoin’s price will rise or fall the next day, with the winners earning free $GBTC.

Staking is an instrumental component in the Green Bitcoin ecosystem. Not only does it grant access to the prediction game, stakers generate passive rewards. At press time, they can garner a 72% APY, but this will decrease as more tokens are staked.

No More Environmental Worries With Green Bitcoin

Amid Bitcoin’s 2009 inception, the Proof-of-Work model fared as a fintech revelation, enabling digital payments while eradicating the “double-spend” problem that previous systems faced.

Indeed, this provided a runway for Bitcoin’s global dominance, but it was not without flaws. The most notable is its spectacular energy demand, with its entire premise being for miners to consume energy in a bid to secure the network.

For years, environmentalists and mainstream media outlets have criticized this. So in response, Ethereum made the bold move in 2022 of switching from Proof-of-Work to a greener “Proof–of–Stake” mode.

Therefore, Green Bitcoin has followed suit as an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token, which consumes vastly less energy than its Proof-of-Work counterpart and appeases eco-conscious market participants.

According to its website, one Bitcoin transaction uses 1,173,000 Wh of energy, while one Green Bitcoin transaction uses just 34 Wh.

what is green bitcoin

Will the Bitcoin Halving Explode $GBTC Price?

It’s no secret that the four-yearly Bitcoin halving is one of cryptocurrency’s most anticipated and eagerly awaited events. And in a timely launch ahead of the Bitcoin halving later this month, Green Bitcoin could stand for tremendous gains.

The Bitcoin halving is an event hard-wired into Bitcoin’s code that halves the amount of BTC rewarded to miners. In other words, it halves the amount of new supply entering the market.

Historically speaking, every Bitcoin halving has ignited a new cryptocurrency bull run. This time around, Bitcoin has already carved a new ATH thanks to an added push from the Bitcoin spot ETFs, which went live in January.

However, with the altcoin market cap still significantly lower than its 2021 ATH, there remains lots of upside potential at play.

altcoin market cap

The monumental impact of a halving can be seen in the Bitcoin Cash price, which has drastically outperformed other top 20 cryptocurrencies this week as it pumps 15%, with its halving occurring on Wednesday.

Yet, Bitcoin Cash’s short-term price action is not the only impressive aspect of the project. This year, it has drastically outperformed its legacy counterpart, up 385%, while BTC is up 135%.

Indeed, this reflects the unwavering potential of Bitcoin-related projects, especially in periods surrounding the halving.

However, with Green Bitcoin still in its opening stages, analysts are even more optimistic, speculating up to 100x gains.

While its potential remains to be seen, the intertwining of Bitcoin-related utility and favourable market conditions marks an exciting time for this emerging cryptocurrency.

Get involved today by following Green Bitcoin on X or visiting its website to buy tokens before its exchange launch.

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