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Milei Moneda ($MEDA) Set to Eclipse LUNC & OCEAN, Say Experts


  • Terra founder gets released from prison; LUNC spikes at the moment.
  • Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) gets into an AI token merger with and SingularityNET.
  • Milei Moneda aims for more DeFi involvement in the crypto-verse.

Meme coins have run wild with the talk of Bitcoin’s halving, as investors trust the meme tokens to spike considerably during the bull run. Even Milei Moneda ($MEDA) is tipped for a spectacular launch by May, as its cryptocurrency ICO continues to steal investors from top DeFi projects. Meanwhile, Terra Classic (LUNC) and Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) are rallying moderate gains at the moment, even though they are nothing compared to what the new meme token offers.

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Terra Classic Is on the Rise Following Do Kwon’s Release

The Terra blockchain broke down in 2022, and shortly after, its founder, Do Kwon, was apprehended in Montenegro for travelling under false documents. He was scheduled to be extradited to South Korea, where he will face charges for Terra Classic blockchain breakdown, but he has recently gotten out of prison.

When it broke in crypto news, his release caused a small surge in LUNC’s price last week. LUNC’s altcoin price spiked by 10% less than 24 hours after the release went public, and it has managed to hold on to that lead for a week. InvestorObserver, however, gave Terra Classic coin a low-risk assessment, indicating that not much will change on LUNC’s trading charts in the short term.

Terra Classic also broke into the headlines following its recent token burn record. About 105 billion LUNC coins have been burned in total, according to the community, after a dip in the burn rate for the past few weeks.

Terra Classic may not be one of the best cryptos to buy yet–there is very little to go with in terms of investment advice–but Terra Classic is definitely one of the altcoins to watch as the bull run gets ever closer.

AI Token Merger: An Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) Price Pump Follows Proposed Merger

Sometimes, even the top DeFi coins find it hard to develop with all that competition for market cap and user base. Some of the top crypto coins in the AI sector are planning an alliance to encourage a better deployment of AI tools in Web3, and Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) is one of them.

FetchAI, SingularityNET, and Ocean Protocol are merging their tokens to form an Artificial SuperIntelligence (ASI) coin going forward. Essentially, each of them will retain their networks and blockchains while collaborating under a unified platform called the SuperIntelligence Collective. This platform will have the individual CEOs take key positions in its management and operations to ensure a smooth collaboration.

Clearly, the alliance looks to be favoring all three tokens, as Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) spiked by about 38% after the news. There could be more gains from Ocean Procotol (OCEAN) in the next few weeks as the AI alliance comes to fruition.

Milei Moneda: Expect Real World Utility on $MEDA

Meme coins have made a living out of jokes and humor for years, with Dogecoin leading the line in 2013. It was all fun then, but users seem to want their meme tokens to do more these days, and that’s what Milei Moneda is about.

Don’t get it twisted; $MEDA is big on maintaining the meme culture, too. After all, Milei Moneda’s philosophy takes after Javier Milei and his massive support for cryptocurrency as Argentina’s president. $MEDA is taking its own campaign for cryptocurrency global, preaching the gospel of decentralized finance to economic stakeholders all over the world.

Where Milei Moneda plans to be different is in its features. While it is interested in promoting DeFi through memes and jokes, Milei Moneda also wants to produce features and applications to rival the top DeFi projects. And that’s where its community comes in. $MEDA’s community comprises all token holders interested in the development of the platform.

So long as you HODL onto your $MEDA tokens, you identify as a member of the community and are eligible for all the rewards Milei Moneda has to offer. And there are plenty of benefits to go around: free NFTs that you can stake again for more rewards, giveaways, and exclusive events for the top token holders.

You can head over to the presale and stock up on some $MEDA tokens for mid-year profits. Each token goes for $0.010, and if you’re early, you can get 100% returns by May, when $MEDA will launch at a price of $0.020.

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