Is BEFE Coin Set to Follow in the Footsteps of $PEPE, $WIF, and $SLERF?

What was once an underdog has now captured the attention of millions of investors. 

No, we are not addressing PEPE here since it also garnered all the highlights earlier. BEFE- A new meme coin in the market that is all set to surpass the OG meme coins like PEPE and Shiba is here to make your heads turn with BEFE’s insane surges. BEFE is all set to break the records and mint millionaires.


There’s no question about PEPE’s success as its numbers speak for themselves. With a staggering return of 15345.78% to date, PEPE has established a prominent spot for itself in the crypto market. While DogeCoin revolutionised the crypto market with its launch, coins like Shiba and PEPE came forward and outshined the gains. PEPE’s success is owed to its loyal community, technological advancements and hype from influencers. 


While WIF is relatively a new coin as compared to BEFE and PEPE, its gains are nothing short of extraordinary. This is due to the hype created by the Solana community and the trust investors have in Solana. While the future of WIF looks uncertain given it is considered for speculative nature, the returns such as 2718.71% upwards for WIF to date has set its own records. 


Investors have trusted SOLANA as it has always exceeded their expectations. Hence when SLERF was announced they were more than excited to turn their cents into millions. However the expectations broke down with SLERF observing a downward trend as soon as its developers burned down $10 million. While some thought it was an accident, others were sure it was just another marketing stunt.

befe chart

BEFE has surged over 588.20% ever since BEFE’s launch. The question of whether BEFE will walk in the footsteps of PEPE is solved here as BEFE is on its way to surge as high and consistently as PEPE has done. While one can correlate BEFE’s surge to BEFE’s no presale and zero taxes, others are in awe of how BEFE is non-stop on its way to becoming the next sensation, just as PEPE did. 

However, walking in the footsteps of WIF and SLERF is still questionable as they’re new entrants in the market yet to set their own trajectory. 

Finishing off!

While the numbers of BEFE seem impressive enough, the precondition of doing your research is still the need of the hour. Invest wisely to secure higher returns.

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