$BNB at $600 Level – Can It Hit $1000 Before Summer? $GFOX Launch Could See Best Returns of 2024

Capital is rotating, and while Solana ($SOL) was once the hotspot for memecoin trading, the EIP-4884 upgrade is pushing all this activity to Base. This is the earliest signal of the larger movement back towards Ethereum ($ETH), which will enter overdrive with the approval of Spot ETFs.

The exceptional price performance of other layer ones further points to liquidity dispersing, and anybody who acts fast can maximize their returns this summer. Binance Coin ($BNB) at $600 level- can it hit $1,000 before summer? Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) launch could see the best returns of 2024, and these are the top cryptos to buy right now.

Binance Coin ($BNB) Headed to $1,000 Before Summer? 

Binance Coin has been climbing quietly and is one of the few major altcoins cruising back towards its ATH. Of the top ten cryptocurrencies, only $BTC has made new ATHs so far in this cycle, but $BNB is flashing every signal it will be next. Under the new leadership of Richard Teng and following a $4 billion settlement, Binance is back in the driver’s seat.

$BNB trades as a pseudo-equity, and the performance of crypto’s largest centralized exchanges dictates its fate. The multiple outages on Coinbase as retail floods back have seen more users trade on Binance, and despite rapidly losing market share in 2023, Binance is recapturing all of this lost ground and becoming the dominant centralized exchange for trading volume once again.

Trading above $600 and a stone’s throw away from its ATH with a massive altcoin season expected this summer, $BNB is ready to run it back turbo and breach $1,000 in the coming weeks.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Primed to Print Best Returns of 2024 

Galaxy Fox will go to market under a perfect confluence of factors and is undoubtedly one of the top cryptos to buy right now. Outrageous demand for memecoin ownership, the growing GameFi narrative, and the more significant shift back towards an $ETH-centric ecosystem. This sub $6 million token could quickly teleport into a multi-billion project, and early buyers are staring at enormous returns in both the short and long term.

Dubbed a third-generation memecoin, Galaxy Fox challenges what it means to be a memecoin, and in an industry built on disruption, disruptors have always performed well. It integrates a play-to-earn game into a memecoin build and the net result is wild upside turbo-charged with entertainment for players.

The play-to-earn game is an endless runner, and in classic Web3 style, Galaxy Fox distributes a prize pool to the most skilled players at the end of each season. Turning gaming skills into cash provides an excellent user interest funnel into the wider ecosystem, and while users arrive to win, they stay to earn.

Galaxy Fox’s staking program powers passive income for all holders, and combined with its token burn, these lucky stakers earn yield on a deflationary asset- no wonder it is ready to print the best returns of 2024 and is ranked as a top crypto to buy now. Still grossly misvalued by the market, this price discovery phase is something investors do not want to miss. 

Closing Thoughts: $BNB & $GFOX Ready to Shine

$BNB is ready to tackle $1,000 in the coming weeks, and $GFOX could quickly 100X in the next three months. These are the top cryptos to buy right now, and both are primed to outperform heading into summer.

Galaxy Fox’s unique tokenomics model, combined with the perfect conditions for launch made this presale a huge success that sold out much earlier than anticipated. Look for the token to soon start climbing the ladder into the Top 100 market cap within a few short months, as memecoin mania hits the next level. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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