$10M Raised and Counting: Why Dogecoin20 is Going Viral Ahead of Doge Day?

$10M Raised and Counting: Why Dogecoin20 is Going Viral Ahead of Doge Day?

Dogecoin20 (DOGE20) is presented as the ultimate upgrade to Dogecoin, operating within the Ethereum ecosystem. It features more flexibility for token custody and transactions, follows a fixed supply model, and provides attractive passive income opportunities.

Within a few days of going live, the DOGE20 presale hit its $10M milestone, hinting at the explosive pump in the pipeline. But investors can buy into the token for a fixed discounted price before the exchange launch scheduled for Doge Day. 

Why Investors Are Pivoting to DOGE20?

Dogecoin20 currently leads the dog coin pack with some interesting prospects. 

To begin with, DOGE20 introduces passive earning opportunities and staking features for its community members. Right from the presale phase, investors can put their tokens to work, earning rewards throughout the period they plan to hold.

The staking opportunity positions it as a compelling alternative to Dogecoin and other saturated high-cap meme coins.

While Dogecoin holds a historic place in the crypto market due to its pioneering role in the meme coin revolution, it is not without shortcomings. Its endearing charm is shadowed by its unlimited supply that presents challenges for price action. 

For instance, due to the continuous token emission, there has been a noticeable downward trend in the price of DOGE. This is evident from its 70% price depreciation since May 2021.

Dogecoin all-time price action, source: CoinMarketCap

DOGE20 addresses this issue by implementing a fixed supply model that creates a fertile environment for long-term growth. 

The use of Ethereum smart contracts streamlines the investment process for DOGE buyers. It allows the token to sidestep the complexities associated with wallet setups and token custody, offering a more user-friendly experience.

For these reasons, Dogecoin20 is celebrated as the ultimate upgrade to Dogecoin. 

Dogecoin vs. Dogecoin20 – Which Meme Coin Has Better Investment Prospects This Month?

The meme coin market is eagerly awaiting Doge Day on April 20. 

The exchange launch of Dogecoin20 is scheduled for the same day to capitalize on the meme coin mania. Dogecoin is expected to pump ahead of the date, along with other established meme coins like Shiba Inu, Dogwifhat, Pepe, and Bonk. 

Due to its lower initial market cap, Dogecoin20 leaves more room for returns than these high-cap assets, however. The prospect has attracted a fresh wave of investors who missed out on big meme coin rallies of the past to Dogecoin20.


While most investors tend to join meme coin trends when they are already well-established, that comes at the cost of potential early gains. If the underlying ecosystem and security measures are promising, meme coin investments are best made early, preferably during the presale stage. 

That explains why the Dogecoin20 presale sold out much ahead of schedule. The token stands out by establishing credibility in both these areas, making it a more appealing investment option. It has undergone a comprehensive smart contract audit by Coinsult and implemented fair tokenomics to rule out concerns of rug pulls.


The ultimate factor in any investment decision hinges on the potential return on investment (ROI). In this regard, Dogecoin20 emerges as a more attractive alternative to Dogecoin, offering higher upside potential. 

The increasing traffic to the presale, even after hitting the targeted $10M, reflects the project’s viral momentum. It boasts a favourable risk-reward ratio for presale buyers. 


Slothana is the Latest Solana Meme Coin Sensation 

Slothana ($SLOTH) has been trending in the Solana meme coin category since its presale launch last week. So far, SLOTH has raised $5M in the presale at record speed. 

The project’s success isn’t shrouded in mystery. Slothana’s design and execution are strategic. This shift in focus from established Solana meme coins like Dogwifhat to Slothana is evident on the price chart. 

Dogwifhat 1-day price action, 1 April 2024, source: CoinMarketCap

The core “office sloth” theme resonates deeply with the crypto community seeking escape from the traditional 9-5 routine. It has laid a strong foundation for Slothana’s community building. 

The strength shown by Slothana right from the presale stage resembles community-centric projects like Shiba Inu, which expanded and diversified its offerings over time.


With Slothana yet to debut on exchanges and the presale past the $5M milestone, investors are buying $SLOTH before it’s too late. 


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