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$XRP Price On the Move As Whale Moves 75 Million Ripple Tokens; $GFOX Smashes $5.2 Million

After a period of silence, $XRP is back in the spotlight. A surge of high-volume transactions, totaling 75 million tokens, has fueled a modest 5% price jump. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Fox presale is thriving. Investor enthusiasm has propelled it past the $5.2 million mark, defying expectations. It has left many amazed, and crypto experts have said it is set to outperform most established memecoins by the time it launches properly.

$XRP Back in the Spotlight: Can Whale Activity Sustain the Momentum?

Recent blockchain analysis discovered three large $XRP transactions totalling 75 million tokens. Two transactions, initiated by a known whale, moved $XRP to centralized exchanges, while an unknown address acquired $XRP from Upbit, another centralized exchange. 

Although these activities suggest potential selling pressure, $XRP surged by 5% following the event. This surge has also propelled $XRP’s market cap, which saw a substantial $3.2 billion increase within 24 hours, reaching $34.55 billion.

$XRP price has passed $0.60 and is targeting a return above the $0.65 resistance level. The cryptocurrency’s bullish momentum aims to revisit its March 11th peak of $0.7440, though it may face challenges within the $0.70 to $0.74 range.

Galaxy Fox on Fire; Presale Blasts Past $5.2 Million

Galaxy Fox has ignited investor enthusiasm, raising over $5.2 million. With its innovative approach and exciting features, its token, $GFOX, is ready to shake up the meme market. Currently in the last phase (stage 10) of its presales, $GFOX is set for launch on exchange platforms where it is expected to continue its impressive rally as it has done throughout the course of its presales. 

This token has delivered huge ROIs for investors ever since its presales started, and stage 1 investors are expected to enjoy a maximum ROI of about 450% when the presale ends. Currently being regarded as the most innovative memetoken in the crypto world by several experts, $GFOX is poised to outperform established memecoins soon after launch.

Galaxy Fox as a play-to-earn platform features an exciting web3 runner game where players can battle for glory and substantial prizes within the dynamic gaming ecosystem. Those who finish in the top 20% each season will also share a generous prize pool. 

Also, there are over 3000 unique NFTs on Galaxy Fox. These NFTs play a vital role in enriching the ecosystem as they feature characters from the game’s universe. Players can purchase these NFTs which are tradable on Galaxy Fox’s NFT marketplace and third-party marketplaces like Opensea in order to boost their chances of conquering in-game milestones and winning competitions against other players. 

Holders of $GFOX tokens stand to earn big rewards by staking their tokens. This reward comes from Galaxy Fox’s Stargate, which is the central hub for distributing rewards for all staked tokens. It also has a Token Treasury which serves as a centralized repository of assets where $GFOX tokens are reserved in order to fund all future developmental and community initiatives that the platform will embark on.



$XRP’s price experienced a rebound fueled by whale activity. Though the market cap has reached $34.55 billion, investors watch for signs of further accumulation or selloff. Meanwhile, a different story unfolds with $GFOX, whose presale continues to exceed expectations. It has surpassed the $5.2 million mark. Galaxy Fox, with its innovative approach and vibrant community, is poised to revolutionize the crypto world.

Enjoy a 15% discount if you join the Galaxy Fox ecosystem today. Visit the website to buy $GFOX and join the Telegram community for more updates.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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