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Terra Luna Classic Hits Fresh Milestone As Whales Get Bullish Over XRP and NuggetRush


  • Terra Luna Classic whales maintain their positions by holding large LUNC and USTC tokens.
  • NuggetRush and XRP attract bullish whales to their unique platforms and high growth potential.
  • As NuggetRush nears its official launch, crypto analysts anticipate notable gains for early backers. 

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) hit a new milestone as the number of its LUNC and USTC holders surged to 5.5 million. LUNC’s wallet number surged when the Terra Luna Classic Community, supported by developers and validators, sought to revive the network. The support of the LUNC community led to Terra Luna Classic’s notable surge and increased adoption.

Meanwhile, Whales flock to NuggetRush (NUGX) and Ripple (XRP) because of their strategic positioning. NuggetRush stirs the interest of GameFi and crypto-mining enthusiasts with its dynamic gameplay and income-generating technology. The project takes play-to-earn (P2E) gaming to a new level with its tangible rewards and blend of adventure. 

Let us explore why Whales are bullish over NuggetRush and Ripple. 

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NuggetRush is one of the bullish altcoins investors can’t get enough of because of its tangle benefits. This project creates a unique niche in the play-to-earn (P2E) landscape with its addictive crypto mining game. NuggetRush is a fun platform built on the Ethereum blockchain to attract many users who want to take on exciting mining challenges. NUGX’s immersive gameplay and secure ecosystem are why whales remain bullish in anticipation of more gains.

NUGX positions itself for long-term growth with its profit-earning features, unlike most pump and dump coins. Players can earn through the project’s non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, where characters NFTs, Precious minerals, and special RUSHGEM NFTs are sold or traded. NuggetRush players can also stake their NFTs to earn passive income, making it the best ICO token for whales.

NUGX’s fast-growing presale makes it one of the most bullish altcoins 2024. NuggetRush’s presale is in its final round at $0.019, and its value has surged by 90% since its ICO launch. Bullish Whales have purchased over 245 million tokens as the project nears its next milestone: its official release. Investors who missed out on the early presale stages can still leverage the best ICO in 2024 using the link below before it surges to $0.020.

Terra Luna Classic’s (LUNC) Holding Numbers Soar Due To Strategic Movements 

Terra Luna Classic made a remarkable comeback with a massive holding of about 5.5 million LUNC and USTC holders. This achievement hits LUNC’s all-time high due to the increased wallet numbers, which underscores the commitment of the Terra Luna Classic community. Even though LUNC faced a crisis with a massive price drop, the increased wallet numbers signal the project’s resilience and continued growth.

Terra Luna Classic accounts are now higher than top projects like Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Cardano (ADA), which hints at investors holding onto their LUNC and USTC tokens in hopes of an incoming bull run. The project’s burn campaign, in partnership with Binance, boosted LUNC’s price performance, as Binance burned over 53 billion LUNC tokens. LUNC’s growth continues to top the charts as investors anticipate more price recovery this year.

Ripple’s (XRP) Price Regains Momentum Due To Positive Sentiment 

XRP experienced upward momentum following massive whale activity, where about 75 million coins were moved. The increased activity on the platform signals positive sentiment by investors despite the project’s previous price slump. According to analysts, Ripple whales experienced mixed sentiment due to the bearish market trends, which led to many considering a dump, yet the project broke through due to increased accumulation.

XRP is one of the top crypto projects that has drawn small—and large-scale investors due to its mainstream potential. The project’s Ripple vs. SEC lawsuits led to price spikes and slumps, yet XRP maintained its stance with steady gains. Whales are bullish over Ripple because of its long-term potential and solid partnerships with top institutions that increase its value, among other assets.


Terra Luna Classic’s performance positions its investors for more impressive results this year alongside other significant players. Due to their robust features and widespread appeal, NuggetRush and XRP trigger immense whale activity. NUGX isn’t one of those pump and dump coins that have no tangible value but survive solely on hype.

This meme coin boasts solid fundamentals that position it among key players like Dogecoin (DOGE). NuggetRush is every savvy investor’s choice because it merges fun with profit. Take advantage of the final lap of NUGX’s ICO to 10x your portfolio. 

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