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Shiba Inu, PEPE Coin, or Bitgert Coin: Which Cryptocurrency Reigns Supreme?

The cryptocurrency market is once again experiencing a positive sentiment and people are constantly looking for reliable investing options. Reputed players like Solana and Cardano are good options in this situation too according to some. However, altcoins like Shiba Inu, PEPE Coin and Bitgert have also showcased huge potential that may even overtake the growth of Cardano and Solana. 

But which one is the best? Shiba Inu, PEPE Coin or Bitgert? Or should you stay with the good old Solana and Cardano? Let us have a look at why these coins are trending and whether they can compete with the likes of Cardano and Solana. 

Shiba Inu vs PEPE Coin vs Bitgert

Let us analyse the risks and rewards of Shiba Inu, PEPE Coin and Bitgert individually and also see how they compare with strong cryptocurrencies like Cardano and Solana.

Shiba Inu 

Shiba Inu is a popular meme coin in the Crypto market. Apart from the initial hype around it, Shiba Inu has also grown into a decentralized ecosystem.

Whats problematic for Shiba Inu is that it is still struggling to prove that it can be much more than just a meme coin. While Shiba Inu has seen success, building long-term value has been a problem for it just like Pepe Coin.


Pepe Coin is another popular player in the meme coin market. Additionally, Pepe Coin has managed to acquire a small but loyal following. Like Shiba Inu, Pepe Coin’s USP is also a strong community connection and the cultural commentary it does through humor, which is relatable to the original audience of Pepe Coin. 

However, just like Shiba Inu, Pepe Coin too is struggling to impress investors because of its limited use cases. Meme references and trends helped Pepe coin initially but since then it is working to find its functionality. 

Bitgert Coin

Just like Pepe Coin and Shiba Inu, Bitgert too has a big community on the internet. However, the altcoin has been doing well in the recent past and investors are impressed because of the advanced functionality provided by Bitgert. 

Unlike Pepe Coin, some of its features also stand head-to-head against big names like Solana and Cardano when it comes to performance. For instance, its 100,000 TPS is more than that of Solana and Cardano.  

Moreover, the growth trajectory also shows what was seen in the early days of cryptocurrencies like Cardano and Solana.  

Are these Cryptocurrencies better than Cardano or Solana?

Cardano and Solana are among the oldest and most popular cryptocurrencies in circulation. Both Cardano and Solana have made their names based on their functionality in the real world. According to many, out of Pepe coin, Shiba Inu and Bitgert, the latter is the one moving in the direction of Cardano and Solana. 

In the end, comparing Cardano and Solana with these coins might be a little too soon but coins like Bitgert are already showing a lot of potential and may ultimately achieve what Cardano and Solana have been able to.

So, what do you think about the comparison between Shiba Inu, Pepe Coin and Bitgert. Will they be able to beat Cardano and Solana? 

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