SEI’s Dog Meme Coin MILLI Skyrockets By over 5000% in a Single Month surpassing BONK and WIF

MILLI, a new meme coin introduced on the SEI blockchain, has witnessed a surge of over 5000% in its price within just a month, according to data from Dexscreener. This price jump has propelled MILLI into the spotlight, outshining even established meme coins like Solana’s BONK, Dogecoin (DOGE), and Shiba Inu (SHIB).

MILLI’s Success Story

Describing itself as “ The fastest Community Coin on the fastest Chain” MILLI positions itself not just as a cryptocurrency but as a mindset for those aiming for the pole position.

MILLI’s success story unfolds within the broader context of the SEI blockchain, a Cosmos-based layer-1 blockchain with a Twin Turbo consensus mechanism designed for fast transactions and robust security. Contrary to popular assumptions, SEI is not solely focused on DeFi but also prioritizes social platforms, gaming, and carbon credits, as explained by Jeff Feng, co-founder of SEI Labs.

SEI prides itself on its speed, boasting transactions 10 times faster than Solana. Following a successful testnet phase, SEI witnessed over 200 teams building on its platform and more than 7.5 million unique wallets upon launch. The network’s debut saw the SEI token recording trading volumes exceeding $1.6 billion within the first 24 hours.

Central Exchange (CEX) Listings

In a significant move for the meme coin community, MILLI is making its debut on central exchanges. Currently available on the SEI Blockchain’s decentralized exchange, Astroport, MILLI is set to expand its reach significantly. Today, on March 22nd, 2024, MEXC, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange, announced it will list MILLI, with trading commencing at 12:00 UTC. This transition marks a pivotal moment for MILLI, as it moves from the realm of decentralized exchanges to the more traditional and widely-accessed central exchanges, potentially opening up new avenues for investor participation and increasing its visibility within the broader crypto market.

Empowering the SEI Ecosystem


The SEI ecosystem is set to be significantly empowered by the innovative platform developed by the MILLI team. This platform revolutionizes the token creation process on the SEI blockchain, enabling anyone to easily launch their token with just a few clicks. Furthermore, it enhances community engagement by offering free buybots for Discord and Telegram, fostering a more interactive and accessible environment for SEI blockchain enthusiasts.

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