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Market Rebound Boosts Bullish Potential on $MEDA While Investors Chase Pumps on Solana and Fantom


  • SOL is down by 5% as robots spam blockchain.
  • Fantom packs social media influence with 120% monthly gains.
  • Milei Moneda is set to hold its ground in the meme market and bring substantial ROI.

Solana (SOL) is on a surprise decline after weeks of gaining and finally surpassing its ATH. Meanwhile, Fantom (FTM) is a fast-growing DeFi coin that might pose an attractive option for investors.

The Solana blockchain plays host to some of the most vibrant meme coins in the crypto-verse at the moment. Dogwifhat, BONK, and their Solana meme coins have drawn significant traffic to SOL, increasing user activity and transactions. With Bitcoin’s rally pulling the rest of the crypto tokens into the green, Solana was well poised to chase down its all-time high. While recent happenings might have caused a brief downward trend, Solana is still among the altcoins to watch.

Fantom has joined the top altcoins on the crypto charts by market cap after FTM had a pump in the past month. It was the culmination of profits for Fantom, and investors are optimistic that the bullish trend will continue. A month ago, FTM wouldn’t have stood a chance against SOL; today, it’s one of the best coins to invest in.

While the top DeFi coins squabble for the top spots, the profits lie in the meme market. Milei Moneda ($MEDA) is here with its trailblazing presale, and you could be set for 100% profits by mid-year. 

Economize Like Milei: Invest in $MEDA!

Solana vs. Fantom

Solana has experienced some price corrections in the past week, which has little to do with the declining Bitcoin pump. The Solana blockchain has seen a significant spike in activity, but bots have started infiltrating Solana’s ecosystem, causing a rise in transaction failures.

Analysis shows that about 72% of the transactions on Solana’s blockchain have been reported as failures, with the spamming bots accounting for about 93% of the failed transactions. This has caused SOL to decline suddenly by 5%, halting an accumulated profit streak in the process.

On the other hand, Fantom offers a timely alternative for profits to Solana. Fantom has also been on quite the streak lately, recording double-digit profits for the last three weeks. 2023 was proof that when FTM is on a roll, it is sure to keep at it. Fantom went from experiencing hacking challenges and a massive sell-off to closing the year on 130% profits.

This year, Fantom has reduced its validator node requirements for staking from 500,000 FTM to 50,000 FTM to allow even more engagement from the community. Also, the FTM token is gaining massive social media influence in the cryptocurrency market. That and Fantom’s 120% spike last month are fueling the rising interest in FTM investments this year.

Of course, the downward trend on SOL doesn’t seem like much, but with Fantom’s rising trends, FTM could overtake SOL as one of the best coins to invest in at the moment.

And there are still meme coins to consider. Milei Moneda coming up next!

Milei Moneda’s Presale Is Only the Start; Anticipate DeFi on $MEDA

No, you don’t see DeFi in the meme market often. Many meme coins practically fade away after their cryptocurrency ICO, so nobody really expects much out of them. Well, Milei Moneda is here to chuck that notion right out the window.

First off are the incoming smart contracts, which will launch a host of top DeFi projects to push $MEDA up the crypto charts, and Milei Moneda’s community will come in handy.

The community is the stronghold of $MEDA, where all the ideas are forged and refined before being pushed out. The members will be in charge of suggesting and approving the best features and applications for Milei Moneda. Members also get rewards for making the best governance proposals, thus encouraging even more innovative projects to come out of the $MEDA community.

Milei Moneda offers access to exclusive benefits. You get NFT rewards that you can stake for even more gains. And there’s exclusive content and events for the top token holders. The platform will also host giveaways and offer discounts for crypto deals to those who HODL their tokens.


Milei Moneda and Fantom are two of the best cryptos to buy now. The meme coin is getting a boost from all the bullish energy in the market. Each $MEDA coin sells for $0.010 right now, with a potential 100% profits by May when Milei Moneda goes live.

Got $MEDA curiosity? Visit or chat on Telegram for the inside scoop. Fast, fun, and informative!

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