$XRP Still Sluggish After Hack as $GFOX Poised for 10X Launch

The aftermath of Ripple’s Co-founder’s account hack is still rubbing off on $XRP’s market performance. The event triggered a high amount of sell-off from skeptical $XRP holders. It has equally slowed down the cryptocurrency’s momentum. While $XRP exhibits low volatility, pundits believe exploring other profitable options is best. Galaxy Fox is an ideal option, as the presale meme coin looks set for about a 10x rally. The meme coin has impressed with its ICO, and early participants eye significant returns. 

Galaxy Fox: New Meme Coin Poised For Impressive Post-ICO Rally 

Early investors will be thrilled about the performance of $GFOX after presale. The best part is that it’s not too late to be among them and benefit from $GFOX’s mind-melting profits. The meme coin has been tipped for an explosive retail rally, with a minimum of 10-100x looking possible – and those are conservative estimates. Galaxy Fox isn’t the only ICO ongoing at the moment, but it’s winning the race to be the best. The meme coin adds an unmatched level of safety and security to its high-profit potential, making it investors’ top choice. 

Galaxy Fox will leverage its combination of unique features for increased prominence and relevance. This will ultimately lead to market success as the demand for the meme coin increases. $GFOX developers have integrated a token burn mechanism, making the meme coin deflationary. This implies that available $GFOX supply will be reduced periodically, ensuring supply can not meet demand. Thus ensuring high-value appreciation for the circulating $GFOX tokens. 

The currently undervalued $GFOX is poised to become a market sensation as it hopes to outpace top P2E and meme tokens. $GFOX has what it takes to be a formidable rival for $RON, SAND,  and $GALA while beating the likes of $BONK, $PEPE, and $DOGE to the $1 price mark. Galaxy Fox’s universal utility in the crypto sphere is attracting significant interest and adoption. This puts $GFOX on a success pedestal. The new meme coin is cruising to market success, and the developers are dedicated to ensuring it faces no hitch. 

Galaxy Fox looks set to have an impressive retail rally. The increasing prominence and adoption, multifunctionality, developers’ commitment, and favourable market conditions will make this achievable for the meme coin. Contrary to most expectations, $GFOX’s boom won’t be immediate. Gradual price increases will precede the expected boom before a massive rally days or weeks after. 

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$XRP Recovery Rate Slows Down After Security Breach 

$XRP experienced a massive sell-off of over 100m tokens after Chris Larsen announced he was hacked. This has affected the cryptocurrency’s momentum. Initially, $XRP recovery was moving quickly; now, it’s only up about 3% in the last seven days, per Coinmarketcap. The cryptocurrency has maintained the price level between $0.45 and $0.65 for a long time, after falling from its $0.88 peak price over a year. 

$XRP is making attempts to return to its peak price, but the resistance around $0.55 has proven too strong. If it eventually breaks out, the cryptocurrency may surge past its $0.62 thirty-day high and attempt to break the $0.68 resistance. Analysts believe a breakout from that point could see $XRP rally back to the $0.80+ price zone before Q1 ends. Per predictions, $XRP will likely finish the year around $3, making it a good crypto purchase now. 

The cryptocurrency is still bullish, and it’s currently defending its $0.50+ price level. Available data reveals that it’s among the top 10 most traded cryptocurrencies in the last 24 hours, with a trading volume of $915,508,845 at the time of writing. This represents a 10% increase from the previous day. $XRP remains the 6th-ranking crypto coin by market value. It boasts a $28.5 billion market cap, which could hit $30 billion soon after a sustained rally. 


Galaxy Fox is tipped to rally by at least 10x during the first few weeks of its retail stage, if not significantly more. This means presale participants will soon enjoy substantial profits from the meme coin. Investors looking to gain from this can join the presale now, as $GFOX still has three presale stages left. $XRP, on the other hand, eyes a better end to the year. While the momentum is low, it targets a more improved performance as the year progresses. 

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