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$XRP ETF Would 50X Token Price — But This Coin Could See Even Better Returns

Following the approval of Bitcoin Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs), experts believe the approval for other cryptocurrencies like Ether and XRP could be a faster process. $XRP has maintained a fair performance, showing low volatility despite the market’s state. Industry experts believe its ETF approval can spur a massive rally in the long run. This could see $XRP rally towards $5 from its less than $1 present valuation. 

However, Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is tipped to yield better returns. The memecoin is nearing the end of its presale phase, and it’s expected to surge immensely after presale. This will see it rise from its current low valuation to a higher market value. Analysts predict about 1000x for $GFOX, and early adopters are better placed to benefit from the meme coin’s yield the most. 

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Set to Yield Massive Return for Early Investors 

Speculators may regret not taking their chances as Galaxy Fox looks poised for an impressive post-presale run. The memecoin has gained significant interest and attention on presale, with increasing popularity amongst crypto enthusiasts. Galaxy Fox has raised $3+ million on presale, and at the current rate, it will smash the $4 million milestone by next month. This shows how much interest and trust the crypto project is gaining. 

The meme coin has proven to be a legitimate project with obvious traits of genuineness, including smart contract audits and lock policies to prevent rug pull. Hence, the confidence in the meme coin is heightened. An aspect that interests investors as much as its security is the meme coin’s profitability. Per outlook, Galaxy Fox hasn’t failed in this aspect either. It is expected to reward early investors and others who have kept faith in the new token. 

Galaxy Fox will have a play-to-earn feature, NFTs and staking utility, and a digital items marketplace for trading, all of which will be income-earning opportunities for users. The meme coin’s multifunctionality will contribute to its long-term relevance in the crypto market, ensuring it remains a useful token years after its launch. Most top meme coins have low profitability due to the lack of actual utility and real-life benefits. That won’t be the case for $GFOX, as it hopes to become the topmost meme coin in the long run. 

Galaxy Fox’s potential is high, and most current ICOs do not match it. This makes it an excellent commitment for savvy investors. The meme coin’s low valuation is expected to skyrocket soon, giving early adopters a chance at reaping massive yields. 

Can Spot $XRP ETF Improve Ripple’s Market Run? 

Despite many struggles and legal challenges in previous years, $XRP remains among the top altcoins in the crypto market. The cryptocurrency has over $27 billion market capitalization, ranking 6th. $XRP is far off the $1 price zone, but it’s looking to rally beyond the price as the year progresses. 

The altcoin has been struggling between $0.4 – $0.6 market price in the last month, following a massive decline from its $0.88 year-high. The cryptocurrency wants to set a high, but the current market volatility has hindered its run. Market analysts expect $XRP to recover as the market stabilizes. However, they believe spot $XRP ETF approval can bring a more significant yield. The approval can improve buy actions, enabling $XRP to do better in the long run. 

Some analysts, however, share contrasting opinions. They question the effects of spot ETF approval, using $BTC as a case study. Since $BTC ETF approval, the market is yet to experience the predicted positive impact, and these analysts believe it could be the case for XRP too. Also, industry experts are not as optimistic about XRP’s ETF approval, as they believe it will take longer than envisaged. 

Regardless of ETF approval, analysts believe $XRP has the potential to pump. Although the cryptocurrency isn’t showing signs of imminent recovery, the price direction is expected to change over time. Patient investors will likely make something out of the cryptocurrency’s run in the coming months. 


Analysts have contrasting opinions about an $XRP ETF approval and its effect on the altcoin. But the opinion that the cryptocurrency can still experience an upward rally seems popular. Regardless, investors can get a higher yield from their commitment to Galaxy Fox, as the new meme coin targets unrivaled market dominance. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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