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Under $1 Cryptocurrency Projected to Surpass Solana (SOL) Performance

Cryptocurrencies have seen tremendous growth over the last few years. While Bitcoin and Ethereum dominate the headlines as the original cryptocurrency, alternative coins (altcoins) can also provide impressive returns. One such example is Solana (SOL), which has skyrocketed by over 2,700% in the last three years. However, a new under $1 cryptocurrency, Pandoshi (PAMBO), aims to deliver even better gains. 

Introducing Pandoshi

Pandoshi aims to promote decentralization, privacy, and monetary freedom. Pandoshi is community-driven, meaning the community controls decisions about the ecosystem. The goal is to build integrated decentralized products like a blockchain, decentralized exchange (DEX), wallet, and more. Key features include:

  • PandaChain: A fast and low-cost Proof-of-Stake blockchain optimized for the Pandoshi ecosystem. It supports features like smart contracts, NFTs, and private transactions.
  • PandoshiSwap: A decentralized exchange and liquidity pool that allows users to trade tokens. The DEX burns PAMBO tokens with each trade, making it deflationary.
  • Pandoshi Wallet: A non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet giving users full control over their funds. The wallet recently launched on Android, with the iOS version coming within the next few weeks.

Comparing Pandoshi and Solana

Solana is a layer-1 blockchain focused on scalability and fast transactions. The key difference between Solana and Pandoshi lies in the current state of the projects. Solana launched its mainnet in 2020 and has an active ecosystem of DApps. Pandoshi is gearing up for its mainnet launch in 2024. However, Pandoshi has greater upside potential.

Solana handles up to 50,000 transactions per second (TPS). Impressively, that rivals major payment processors like Visa. However, blockchain congestion can still cause periodic outages on Solana. Pandoshi’s PandaChain will have faster speeds and better scalability than Solana while avoiding outage issues.

SOL, the native token of Solana, has a fixed maximum supply of 511 million. Pandoshi takes a different approach, with a current circulating supply of 2 billion PAMBO. However, the ongoing token burns make PAMBO deflationary. Pandoshi plans to burn tokens through the DEX, crypto card payments, and other avenues until 80% of tokens are removed from circulation. This mechanism may make PAMBO more valuable in the long-term.

Solana focuses largely on decentralized finance and NFTs. Pandoshi sets its sights broader by targeting mainstream audiences. Products like the payment card, education platform, and metaverse integration aim to make Pandoshi accessible to everyday users.

Higher Growth Potential from Early Stage

As an early-stage project, Pandoshi offers more room for explosive growth. Solana already has a $42 billion market capitalization with a price of $100 per coin. Meanwhile, PAMBO costs just $0.01 in presale, primed for a major value boost if the ecosystem develops as planned. Exchange listings and real-world usage of products like the DEX and blockchain could quickly propel the market cap of Pandoshi above $100 million.

In the long term, the deflationary nature of PAMBO lends optimism that the token could reach a market cap comparable to Solana’s billion-dollar valuation today. That would make for an over 500x return from the current presale rate.


Early cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin pioneered the blockchain landscape. Innovative projects like Solana have advanced the technology further with impressively fast and scalable blockchains. Now, Pandoshi aims to take decentralized finance into the mainstream and make crypto accessible to all.

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