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Inside BlackRock’s Plans for an XRP ETF, Solana and InQubeta Remain Investor Favorite Choices

Discussions about a Ripple (XRP) spot exchange-traded fund have started to heat up now that the US Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) has approved 11 Bitcoin (BTC) spot exchange-traded funds that met its ETF acceptance criteria

BlackRock currently owns the largest Bitcoin ETF and the respected financial firm was expected to be one of the main institutions pushing for an XRP exchange-traded fund. However, the largest asset manager in the world recently revealed its intention to shelve its plans for an XRP spot ETF, citing uncertainty over XRP’s legal status and concerns the ruling it isn’t a security could be overturned in the future. 

While XRP’s legal status continues to hinder its growth, InQubeta (QUBE) is being touted as one of the best new cryptocurrencies to invest in after bringing investors 220% profits in the past 12 months. It’s a decentralized finance Ethereum (ETH) deployed network that intends to democratize access to investment opportunities in the artificial intelligence (AI) space. 

Solana (SOL) is one of the best DeFi projects in the cryptocurrency world and it has brought its investors 300% gains in the last year. The project made major steps to expand its services last year and more is expected to come in 2024. 

Top DeFi crypto InQubeta (QUBE) is expected to grow exponentially as it opens up AI investments

Artificial intelligence is on course to transform how many industries operate and some experts believe it will be the most significant technological revolution in human history. Emerging startups are at the forefront of all the innovation going on in the space, but a large portion of the global population don’t have a way to invest in these companies due to the excessive requirements many mainstream investing channels have. 

InQubeta plans to change this by providing a more accessible investment platform that anyone can use to invest in promising AI startups. 

The ecosystem uses ERC20 coins that are made by startups in its ecosystem to replace stocks. AI startups secure funding by selling equity or reward-based ERC20 coins on the InQubeta marketplace. These equity-based tokens appreciate as their makers expand their services, while reward-based tokens offer bonuses like profit-sharing.

Investors can invest in any AI startups they think have bright futures by buying their ERC20 coins with QUBE, the network’s governance token, and currency. Investors don’t have to worry about their funds being stuck on the InQubeta network after investing in startups; tokens can be resold on the marketplace at any time. 

Investors can also earn tremendous returns by holding on to QUBE. The project’s native token is deflationary, and its supply is capped at 1.5 billion. Tokens are now priced at $0.0224, but they could be valued at over a dollar before the year ends. 

BlackRock scraps plans for XRP ETF

BlackRock’s move to put their plans for an XRP exchange-traded fund on hold is an unexpected turn of events since the firm has demonstrated an interest in being a major player in the cryptocurrency space in the past. 

BlackRock’s CEO Larry Fink had previously hinted at the firm’s intention to expand its crypto ETFs, but the 2023 ruling that XRP wasn’t a security has created confusion about the token’s legal standing. XRP’s prices continue to hover around the $0.53 support level, not far from where it was before a judge ruled it wasn’t a security. 

Solana (SOL) poised for massive growth

SOL prices have been as low as $77 in 2024, but momentum has now shifted as prices have grown by over 16% in the past week. Its ecosystem provides various decentralized financial services and that should continue to attract new users, leading to more growth. 


QUBE and SOL are two of the best altcoins to invest in right now given their growth potential. SOL could easily beat the 3x growth it posted last year, while QUBE could enjoy as much as 100x growth. 

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