XRP ETF Potential Rises Post-Bitcoin ETF Approval; Emerging AI Altcoin Set for Upward Momentum

Accumulating Ripple (XRP) might be a good crypto investment to make right now as the possibility of an exchange-traded fund being approved rises as the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) greenlights Bitcoin ETFs. 

Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple’s CEO, recently expressed a belief that other cryptocurrency ETFs are inevitable now that the Bitcoin ETFs have been approved. Ripple still has some ongoing issues with the SEC, and the company recently decided to halt its initial coin offering (ICO). Ripple executives are now exploring ICO opportunities in other regions of the world that are more friendly towards cryptocurrencies.

While the SEC’s Decision on Bitcoin ETFs has dominated the cryptocurrency space in the past week, InQubeta has quietly moved into the seventh stage of its presale with over $8.3 million raised. The crowdfunding platform intends to make artificial intelligence (AI) investments more available. It gives all those who have been denied access to traditional investment channels a means to buy part ownership of promising AI startups. 

InQubeta (QUBE) is poised to become the best DeFi crypto around

Investing in QUBE has already been a lucrative decision for all those who bought in during the presale’s beta stage. Those investors are already up 220% and patrons who acquire QUBE now get to earn 37.5% gains before tokens are unleashed on exchanges. 

Traditional investment firms often have income or geographic requirements that many investors can’t meet and InQubeta provides a way to skirt these requirements. Anyone, anywhere can invest in artificial intelligence on InQubeta’s decentralized investment space. 

InQubeta is poised for considerable growth as the viability of AI increases all around us as concepts like humanoid robots sorting packages in warehouses become a reality. Investors have been betting big on AI in the past several years, taking total investments from $12 billion to $120 billion. An additional $1.5 trillion is expected to be invested in AI by 2030, setting projects like InQubeta up for substantial growth. 

How InQubeta’s decentralized investments work

InQubeta’s blockchain is hosted on the Ethereum (ETH) network which gives it the same functionality. This allows startups to make non-fungible tokens, also called ERC20 coins, that are digital representations of investment opportunities. 

These tokens are made on the NFT marketplace and fractionalized to split them into smaller more affordable investments. Like stocks, these tokens appreciate as their makers increase their market share and some provide other rewards like profit-sharing. 

The NFTs being sold by the startups seeking capital are displayed on the ERC20 token list where buyers can learn more about their makers. Investors then invest in companies they think have potential by buying their ERC20 coins

Investors can also invest directly in InQubeta’s decentralized investing platform by holding QUBE or staking their tokens. QUBE prices are expected to surge as much as 10,000% once distributed on exchanges. 

Ripple (XRP) poised for substantial growth in 2024

XRP prices have come down a bit since the start of 2024, but strong support has been found at $0.55. Some of the growth the project enjoyed at the end of 2023 was credited to its planned ICO, but those plans have now been changed as Ripple’s executives worry about what it could lead to. 

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the U.S., Coinbase, found itself in legal trouble after its initial coin offering. Ripple executives are trying to avoid the same fate and are now considering going public in a country that’s more friendly to cryptocurrency platforms. 

Ripple has had its share of issues with the SEC but won big when a judge ruled XRP wasn’t a security. 


QUBE and XRP are top crypto coins worth investing in right now. QUBE has the most growth potential thanks to the solution it provides by making artificial intelligence investments more reachable. 

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