Will These Meme Coins Surge? Top 5 Trending Meme Coins In January 2024

As we stand at the entrance of 2024, the cryptocurrency market is abuzz with vitality and the fervor of blockchain advancements. Many meme-based crypto coins have grown, thanks to their close ties with memes and the prevailing social media trends. 

Drawing insights from various blockchain news sources, coin analytics platforms, and firsthand experiences, this comprehensive guide delves into the latest meme coins that are making waves as we embark on the beginning of 2024. We will explore the newest additions to the crypto landscape, including the intriguing ApeMax coin. This novel boost-to-earn cryptocurrency has captivated the interest of enthusiasts in the meme coin community.

  1. Dogwifhat (WIF)

Dogwifhat, a prominent meme coin on the Solana network, derives its origin from an internet meme featuring a Shiba Inu dog adorned with a pink crochet hat. The token’s connection to the popular Shiba Inu meme, combined with its status as one of Solana’s meme coins, significantly influenced its market performance. 

  1. ApeMax (APEMAX)

ApeMax is a hot new meme coin known for its innovative features and cute space monkey mascot. The unique “Boost-to-Earn” staking feature has attracted enthusiasm, with almost 10,000 token holds and 4.1 billion ApeMax tokens currently staked. The coin’s distinctive “Boost-to-Earn” staking mechanism allows buyers to stake their tokens with the possibility of earning rewards. ApeMax is also unique in that it provides immediate utility for holders, even during its ongoing presale.

  1. Myro (MYRO)

Named after Solana Co-Founder Raj Gokal’s pet, Myro stands out with unique post-launch use cases. MYRO offers exclusive perks, including limited-edition merchandise for holders, fostering a sense of community among dog lovers. Myro has gained attention in the Solana meme coin space and has grown by over 100% in the last week.

  1. Toshi (TOSHI)

Toshi is a community-driven DeFi project on the Base Layer-2 blockchain. It was named after Brian Armstrong’s favourite feline, Satoshi Nakamoto. Toshi offers its native token called TOSHI, which can be traded on The project also has its own 3,000 unique NFTs called NFTOSHIS. In the past 7 days, Toshi has grown by over 7%.

  1. Memecoin by 9gag (MEME)

True to its name, this meme coin is directly linked to the well-known online meme platform, 9gag. MEME seeks to establish a tokenized economy within the 9gag community, allowing users to reward content creators and promote user engagement. According to CoinGecko, MEME is in the top 10 meme tokens with a market cap of $220 million as of January 19, 2024. 

Top trending crypto presales

What’s making ApeMax a trending meme coin?

ApeMax has been gaining popularity due to its utility and engaging features. ApeMax’s innovative Boost-to-Earn feature and immediate token access for presale buyers have garnered widespread interest. The ApeMax presale is open for a limited time, and eligible early buyers can also get discounts via the Early Bird Loot Boxes. As of writing, this meme coin has over 9,900 token holders.

Meme Coin Trends in January

  • Solana Coins are thriving: Myro and the Dogwifhat coin stand out as leading meme coins in the current market. While Dogwifhat stole the headlines in December 2023 through its considerable price surges, Myro has also been on an upward trajectory since January 2024. 
  • New Meme Coins moving away from ETH: It’s no surprise that many of the newest meme coins that are getting popular are now based either on AVX, Solana, or BSC. ApeMax, in particular, operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and takes advantage of its cheap gas fees and fast transactions. 

Conclusion on Trending Meme Coins

The resurgence of meme coins, especially with new entrants like Dogwifhat, Myro, and ApeMax, highlights continued interest in this segment. Notably, these meme coins favour more affordable and efficient blockchains, which may be exciting for newer crypto fans who missed out on Dogecoin and Shiba Inu’s early days. 

Although meme coins offer fun and excitement, caution is essential due to their inherent volatility and associated risks. Given the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market, this article does not offer any financial or investment advice. It is important to always conduct independent research before engaging with cryptocurrencies.

Hot new meme coins to watch in 2024

For those intrigued by ApeMax, detailed information on purchasing requirements and eligibility constraints can be found on the official website.

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