Whale Dumps $15M in $XRP Onto Exchange; $GFOX Presale Remains Safe Investment 

A crypto whale recently dumped over $15 million worth of $XRP into a popular exchange, causing a slight nosedive in the cryptocurrency’s price. Meanwhile, investors still have their attention focused on $GFOX, one of the best meme coins to buy as it continues to grow as a safe and solid investment choice.

$GFOX Continues to Attract Investor Attention

$GFOX which is now in the 7tH stage of its presale has continued to impress investors and enthusiasts alike with its high potential for growth, and utility-focused features. So far, investors have injected over $2.798 million, with this figure expected to hit $ 3 million soon.

One of the main attractions of $GFOX is its high growth potential. Let’s face it, most cryptocurrency investors are in it for the money. Sure, a strong belief in the project’s mission might influence where an investor puts their money, but for the most part, no one will willingly invest in a failing project.

The team behind $GFOX is well aware of this, and they have designed the project to offer investors the best returns for their investment. Right from the first day of presale, enthusiasts have watched as the price of $GFOX increases, putting the early investors on a rewarding journey towards 450% profits.

Once the presale is over, and $GFOX is listed on major exchanges, it is expected to skyrocket, becoming one of the best meme coins to buy. According to market analysts, the early days after listing could see $GFOX rise by as much as 50%, although they also foresee a 100X growth in the months following its launch. Long-term projects suggest that $GFOX might surpass popular meme coin projects and rise to become one of the top 10 altcoins.

As the project grows and attracts more users, the token burn feature embedded in its ecosystem will remove a portion of the $GFOX tokens from circulation, and permanently erase them. This will create a sense of scarcity in the market, which when coupled with increased demand, will increase the inherent value of the token. Making it one of the best meme coins to buy.

Whale Dumps 25 million $XRP Tokens

Meanwhile, significant whale activity has led to a slight decrease in the price of $XRP, one of the best altcoins to invest in. This event which followed a strong bullish run of the $XRP token, has caused the token to backtrack slightly to trade below $0.5

According to data from Whale Alert, a popular on-chain data tracking platform, transferred more than 25 million $XRP tokens to Bitstamp through an undisclosed wallet. This action suggests a massive sellout of the Token, which could cause significant price drops for $XRP.

This incident, however, is not isolated. Earlier on, another unverified wallet transferred over 26.2 million $XRP tokens to Bitstamp, sending shockwaves across the crypto market. Yet another transfer of about 22.6 billion was made to the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange. This transfer was especially intriguing for the $XRP community as it accounts for 50% of the tokens’ total supply.

Last week, $XRP made significant progress, moving past the $0.6 mark, however, the price soon fell below $0.58. According to weekly charts from CoinMarketCap, $XRP is down 0.59% in the last week. Monthly charts show a 5% price decrease, suggesting that the coin is now on a downtrend. At the time of writing $XRP is trading at $0.56.


Final Word

Recent $XRP whale activity is concerning, as it is likely to have negative effects on the price of the coin. With $XRP already down 5% in the past month, investors have no option but to turn to other more profitable projects, such as $GFOX, one of the best meme coins to buy, for significant returns. Join the $GFOX presale today and start your journey towards astronomical gains.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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