Wall Street Predicts $150B Valuation for Ripple IPO; XRP Price to Hit New ATH?

Wall Street veteran Linda Jones delves into Ripple’s potential Initial Public Offering (IPO). Comparing it to tech giants like Nvidia, Apple, and Amazon, Jones envisions Ripple setting a record valuation if its native cryptocurrency, XRP, hits its all-time high (ATH) of $3.84.

Jones’ analysis combines Ripple’s legal issues with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the chance of XRP reaching a new ATH. If XRP does so, Jones sees a substantial $150 billion valuation for Ripple’s escrowed XRP, considering its 40.5 billion tokens in escrow.

Wall Street’s Optimism

Despite a market dip, Wall Street experts share Jones’ optimism, predicting Ripple’s IPO to establish a groundbreaking benchmark with a $150 billion XRP valuation. Ripple’s shares are estimated at $350 billion, marking a significant moment in cryptocurrency IPOs. However, everyone wants to know how Ripple will respond when it goes public via IPO.

Does its native token, flat at $0.50 for months, recover and reach a new ATH?

Stock and Crypto Connection

Jones suggests that a rise in Ripple’s stock could positively impact XRP. Similar to Bitcoin’s influence on mining companies, she believes a thriving Ripple stock may increase interest in XRP, potentially raising its value. Though unconventional, Bitcoin’s history shows such dynamics in the crypto world.

Yet, the journey to Ripple’s IPO success involves regulatory hurdles, particularly the SEC’s approval process. Jones notes potential delays unless Ripple considers moving abroad. While the clarity on XRP’s status is enticing, she advises against expecting rapid moves from the company.

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XRP to Hit New ATH? 

Dark Defender predicts XRP could reach $5.85, indicating a substantial increase. Recent positive price movements hint at a short-term test at $0.66, with $0.55 as a crucial milestone for a potential bullish trend. Despite recent underperformance, XRP holds the fifth-largest market value at $27.9 billion, currently trading at $0.523. If Ripple’s stock hits the projected level, XRP may experience a significant rally, but it’s a unique situation. Changes in Ripple’s stock may impact XRP, and it calls for investor caution.

What’s your bold prediction for XRP’s price after the IPO? 

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