Terra Luna Classic Breaks Into In Top 100 Coins as $GFOX Nears $3M Target

Recently, Terra Luna Classic took a dramatic turn by reclaiming its spot among the top 100 Coins by market capitalization. Even though it still faces an uphill battle, this milestone made it remain on investors’ watchlists. Meanwhile, $GFOX, tipped to be the best crypto investment this year, is quietly nearing another milestone of raising $3 million from its token sale. 

Terra Luna Classic Breaks Into Top 100 Market Cap Following Recent Security Upgrade 

With over $700 million total market capitalization, Terra Luna ($LUNC) is now the 89th largest cryptocurrency by market value according to data from CoinMarketCap. This came as a backdrop of a comprehensive security upgrade on the network. According to Terra, the upgrade is necessary to protect the chain against security vulnerabilities and strengthen its resilience.

This update was welcomed positively by the Terra Luna Classic community who had voted earlier for a security upgrade. $LUNC has since enjoyed an increase in trading activities since the upgrade took place. Its trading price has increased by almost 10% and its 24-hour trading volume also crossed the $50 million mark.

Before the upgrade, $LUNC network was plagued by a “sequence mismatch error” which lead to some validators and certain accounts unable to interact with the chain. The upgrade was carried out in two phases, the first was executed in early December of last year, and it was amended and transitioned into a comprehensive and holistic upgrade a few days later.

Also, the integration of $LUNC with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) has witnessed a boost as the community is already showing growing interest and are most likely to approve it. This integration is expected to improve programmability and interoperability within the Terra Luna Classic ecosystem.

Galaxy Fox Sets Nears $3 Million, Prepares for Presale Stage 8

Among the meme tokens with the potential to contend with other cryptocurrencies in terms of generating remarkable returns is $GFOX, the native token of Galaxy Fox. This new token with its amazing features is increasingly gaining support and it’s expected to grow even bigger as it nears making $3 million in its presale. 

Galaxy Fox has raised over $2.8 million and sold over 50% of its tokens that are made available for public presale. The presale is currently at stage 7, where its token currently sells for $0.00198. With demand for the $GFOX on the increase, the swift progress of the token to presale stage 8 where it will sell for $0.002178 is currently imminent.

$GFOX is more than an ERC-20 token, It is a full utility token with multiple use cases. Galaxy Fox also features a play-to-earn (P2E) gaming platform where investors and gamers can play highly interactive games, compete with each other and also earn rewards.

Other captivating features on Galaxy Fox include over 3000 unique NFTs, which can be minted on the platform with $GFOX and sold at valuable prices at various NFT marketplaces such as Opensea. Token holders can also stake their tokens and earn decent returns for doing so 

A significant portion of $GFOX tokens are allocated to the presales so that intelligent investors can join the platform early enough. The tokens will also undergo a burning mechanism, which will reduce the total $GFOX in circulation, when this happens, scarcity will increase and this will potentially trigger a rise in the token’s price.  


Terra Luna Classic security upgrade has been a success so far and the network is already gearing up for its Integration with EVM. As for $GFOX, it has shown how outstanding it is among memecoins by raising almost $3 million and still counting at the presale. As a result, most experts believe $GFOX will break many ceilings in the crypto industry.

This could be your best investment ever in cryptocurrency. Take this opportunity to buy $GFOX now. Visit the website and join the Galaxy Fox community on telegram.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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