Solana (SOL) and Render Token (RNDR) Buyers Switch to the Pullix (PLX) Presale

Pullix (PLX), a Stage 7 presale star, is garnering attention as it aims to change online trading forever. Global investors are flocking to this new DeFi project, leaving Solana (SOL) and Render Token (RNDR) in the dust. With close to $5M raised already, many experts have Pullix pegged as the next 100x altcoin in 2024. Let’s see why.

Solana (SOL) Introduces Token Extensions

Recently, Solana (SOL) made headlines with some exciting developments. Solana announced token extensions, which will help you build customized token experiences. However, this Solana news did not help its value.

Looking at its price charts, we notice that the Solana crypto has been trading in the red. This altcoin’s value has gone from $93.95 to $87.74 in the past seven days, while its market cap has changed from $40.72B to $38B.

However, a bullish sentiment can be seen in the Solana technical analysis. It now trades above its 50 and 100-day EMAs. Due to these factors, experts foresee a surge to $102 before February 2024 ends.

The Render Token Price Drops

Meanwhile, the Render Token (RNDR) price has been plummeting recently. CoinMarketCap data shows that it has fallen from $5.06 to $3.81 in the past 30 days. Its market cap has also moved between $1.88B and $1.43B during that time.

Things do not look bright if we also look at the Render Token technical analysis. This altcoin has recorded only nine green trading days in the past month. Bearish market analysts believe Render Token may be valued at $3.61 by February 2024.

This Render Token price prediction has made many investors look at other options that may provide faster gains.

Pullix (PLX): Presale Reaches Stage 7

With its ongoing presale performance, Pullix (PLX) has been making waves in the DeFi market. Now in Stage 7, this event has helped Pullix sell over 80M tokens and onboard 13,000 individuals. Moreover, investors have seen stellar returns as those who bought the PLX native token early enjoy a 150% ROI.

Pullix aims to solve all issues currently affecting the online trading space. For instance, traders must create multiple accounts on different platforms to trade different assets. But Pullix will allow the trade of all asset classes (Forex, gold, cryptos, etc.) on one account. It also removes any high trading fees by implementing 0% trade commissions.

The PLX native token is the main currency used as trading credits on Pullix. The Pullix team will reward holders with reduced trading fees and access to certain assets to incentivize purchases. But this altcoin is unique because it’s the first “Trade-to-Earn” crypto. In other words, PLX stakers will receive a percentage of Pullix’s daily revenue – stellar passive income.

Currently, the PLX token is worth just $0.10. However, since it is tied to many flourishing markets, like the Forex one (a daily volume of $6.6T), its long-term growth potential is amazing. Therefore, market analysts predict a 100x pump once PLX hits exchanges in Q1 of 2024.

Can Pullix Compete With Solana and Render Token?

Pullix stands out with a low market cap of $20M when looking at these altcoins. This gives it a competitive edge over Solana and Render Token, as PLX requires fewer new funds for a significant surge. As a result, investors who want quick returns are rushing to the Pullix crypto ICO event.

For more information regarding Pullix’s presale see links below:

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