SCORP Blazes Past $2.8 Million In Fundraising as Investors Seek Out Passive Gains

The SCORP token presale has blazed past $2.8 million raised from over 6,500 participants, demonstrating strong investor appetite for passive income opportunities in the crypto space.

With less than 5% remaining to reach its $3 million soft cap at the current stage, the presale is on track to sell out its allotted 480,000,000 tokens. SCORP is currently priced at $0.026, representing a 48% discount from its intended listing price of $0.05.

Excitement is building around the project, as the planned date for Scorpion Casino Centralized Exchange announcement is here: January 15 at 4 pm UTC.

Compelling Use Cases Attract Investors

Several factors are driving investor interest in SCORP, including attractive tokenomics as well as use cases within the Scorpion gaming ecosystem.

The Scorpion platform aims to serve as a one-stop hub for crypto gambling and gaming. Developers are building an extensive suite of products under the Scorpio umbrella, encompassing over 200 casino games, 35+ sports betting options, and 160 live dealer table games.

Importantly, Scorpion holds an official gambling license, providing users assurance that the platform adheres to strict standards around fairness, security and legal compliance.

The project has also partnered with Solidproof, a leading blockchain security firm, to audit the SCORP contract code and identify any vulnerabilities. Additionally, the team has completed KYC verification through Assure DeFi.

As the native token powering Scorpion services, SCORP is deeply integrated across the ecosystem:

  • SCORP holders can use their tokens to directly play over 200 casino games, bet on 35+ different sports, and participate in 160 live dealer table games on the Scorpion platform. More gaming options will continue being added over time.
  • A portion of revenues flows back to SCORP stakers via buybacks, burns, and rewards. This automated process enables attractive passive income potential for holders.
  • SCORP owners enjoy VIP perks including weekly free bonus credits to play games, invitations to special events with free entry, higher reward multipliers, and preferential access to new game title releases.
  • SCORP holders can also participate in the platform’s affiliate program to earn additional commissions for referring new players. The more SCORP held in a user’s account, the higher their affiliate commission rate.

In summary, owning SCORP provides utility via gaming privileges, while also conferring rights to participate in the project’s success in the future.

Scorpion Revenue Flows Create Passive Rewards

One exceptional aspect that sparks the interest of investors is SCORP’s special tokenomics design, which includes daily repurchases funded by the platform’s revenues.

As a licensed gaming operator, Scorpion generates daily cash flows from casino and betting activities. Part of this income goes toward buying SCORP tokens from exchanges.

Subsequently, half of the purchased tokens are burned, hence gradually constraining supply. The remainder gets distributed to SCORP stakers as passive reflections.

This smart system enables SCORP holders to earn profits without dilution simply and effectively. The rewards received are based on the amount of SCORP held and the revenues generated by the casino platform. Importantly, staking rewards are already active. Existing SCORP owners receive daily USDT payments automatically without needing to take any additional actions.

scorpian presale casino

Buy SCORP Now, Earn Yields for Life

Scorpion’s commitment to revenue sharing via automated buybacks and rewards distribution ensures the project’s incentives align tightly with users’ interests. As the platform gains more players and handles higher betting volume over time, a portion of those revenues flow back to SCORP holders in the form of higher staking rewards.

Early adopters who support the project can benefit tremendously by buying SCORP during the presale, which unlocks the lowest token prices at $0.026. The listing price after presale is set at double that amount, at $0.05 per SCORP. This represents significant potential price appreciation for presale contributors.

Additionally, those committing over $1,000 to the presale gain entry into the exclusive Scorpion Elite Members Club to access premium perks. These include up to 40% in free bonus credits usable on casino games, the chance to win luxury VIP prizes, and invitations to special members-only promotional events.

The combination of discounted token pricing, passive income potential, and VIP benefits creates a highly profitable opportunity for forward-thinking crypto investors who choose to participate in the presale.

With exchange listings imminent, the next few weeks promise further excitement as Scorpion continues executing on its ambitious roadmap.


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