PAAL AI Interest Takes a Hit

Cryptocurrencies are known to be extremely volatile, with quick and unexpected price swings that make it difficult to trade them. To make optimal gains, savvy traders use trading bots—automated programs that conduct trades and execute transactions on behalf of traders. 

This piece examines two projects offering a similar kind of service. The first is PAAL AI, a suite of AI-powered widgets and products, and the second is Bitbot, a new Telegram trading sensation whose presale launch has already raised $132k in just 2 days and is causing quite a stir.

Bitbot: The new king of Telegram trading bots  

Telegram trading bots boast over $5 billion worth of crypto assets in trading volume. These bots are expected to only grow in popularity and volume as crypto gets more popular. However, the space has been plagued with a security issue, limiting growth and adoption.

A typical bot requires users to deposit funds with them before they can trade, making them vulnerable to hackers and thieves. Popular Telegram trading bots—Unibot, Maestro, Banana Gun, etc – have either been hacked or of a rug-pull. According to EdaFace, Unibot was hacked for $560K, Maestro for $485K, and Banana Gun lost 99% of its value just hours after launch.  

That’s why the timely arrival of Bitbot is causing ripples in the space.

Bitbot is the first non-custodial Telegram trading bot. This means users can hold the crypto they use for trading in cold storage, only transferring funds when trades are complete. It also uses advanced custody technology, backed by Knightsafe, to secure users’ funds. This is a keyless system, replacing a private key with individually generated key shares by multiple non-trusting parties with zero sharing of data. This means no single entity has access to the user’s entire key and, ultimately, the funds of traders using the bot. This solves a significant security problem many in the space are grappling with.

In addition, Bitbot is committed to developing anti-MEV features that prevent other bots from skimming off the profits made by its users. Furthermore, the protocol has anti-rug-pull mechanisms that prevent the team from running off with investors’ money.

The Bitbot’s contract is monitored for signs of foul play and is part of the coin’s tokenomics. A 20% portion of BITBOT tokens is dedicated to development and a 12-month linear emission schedule. This locks the team in for 1 year and incentivizes them to work on the platform continuously, which reduces the probability of a rug pull scenario.

Regarding the rest of the tokenomic breakdown, 30.00% out of 1 billion are reserved for the presale, 3% for liquidity, 23% for community, 14% for marketing, and 10% for treasury. 

Bitbot’s security features give it a major edge over leading bots on Telegram, and the additional benefits it offers potential users position it as the new king of the space. 

Thanks to its team of ex-Wall Street trading experts, Bitbot mixes traditional-grade financial expertise with AI trading technology to provide efficient tools that take crypto trading to the next level.

It touts a powerful sniping tool that specializes in identifying high-potential presale opportunities and automating the ability to buy at the bottom and sell at the top. This also exposes users to lesser-known crypto gems whose prices are yet to explode. 

A copy-trade feature lets users mimic the trades of the highest-earning wallets on the platform. It’s extremely useful for newbies who aren’t confident about their analysis and investment skills, as well as anyone short on time.

In addition, Bitbot offers management services that organize wallets for better execution of strategies. Holders of BITBOT also get a share of the daily revenue generated by the platform, as well as staking and governance.

What is PAAL AI?

PAAL AI is an ecosystem of AI tools and services for cryptocurrency traders and Web 3.0 enthusiasts. Its top product is MyPaal, a Telegram and Discord bot that mimics human intelligence and is designed to provide actionable answers to complex questions in different fields, cryptocurrency included.

The project has created PaalX, a bot specializing in lightning-fast crypto and stock trading. There are even plans to launch a similar bot for sports betting and gambling.

Like many players in the tech space, PAAL AI believes that AI is the future, and by creating an ultimate AI assistant, the world will notice the potential for AI to revolutionize people’s lives. That’s why the project generated a great deal of attention when it launched.

Bitbot vs. PAAL AI price prediction

As with the Solana price prediction, the Dogecoin price prediction, and most other coins, PAAL AI could have a bullish future. Backed by the crypto bull run, it ended 2023 on a high, but its form dipped as 2024 kicked off. Currently priced around $0.1323 at the time of writing, savvy investors only expect a modest price appreciation.

PAAL AI has yet to deliver its promises, including trading and sports betting bots, and the team doesn’t seem committed to the project or delivering these products anytime soon. 

BITBOT, on the other hand, has just launched its presale at $0.0100. Since it has genuine utility and offers the best security in the trading bot space, investors are betting on it for handsome returns.

Unibot, a Telegram trading goliath, witnessed a near 1500% increase over a one-month period and hit an all-time high of $236. It currently boasts a market cap of just over $90 million at the time of writing.

Similarly, Banana Gun managed to do a 3X price increase from its all-time low in roughly two months, all in the wake of a suspected rug pull; it still boasts over $30 million in market cap.

Given Bitbot’s superior security and cutting-edge features, one can only imagine how the market might react to Bitbot. It’s already being well received by the community, with over 80K followers on X.

Lastly, it’s important to consider the rising tide that should lift all boats in due course. The phenomenon of altcoin season is likely just around the corner – a period where altcoins pump, often outstripping BTC in gains due to increased confidence in the market and investors diversifying from Bitcoin. 

Don’t miss out on the next crypto gem

Telegram trading bots will attract more cryptocurrency traders as the upcoming bull market swings out in full force. And a large percentage of them will flock to Bitbot because it offers the kind of security that’s lacking in its competitors. 

BITBOT will ride on this wave, gain more fame, and catch up with the big names in the Telegram trading bot space. Given that Unibot provided 200X gains to its earliest investors, as reported in a recent Coin Desk piece, 100X gains are a conservative estimate given Bitbot’s advantages and timing. 

300 million tokens are up for grabs during the 15-stage presale event, which is currently in stage 1. As Bitbot shakes up the Telegram trading bot space, early investors will stand to make the best ROIs.

To learn more and purchase BITBOT tokens, visit the official website.

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