Dip Buyers Scoop Up $SOL and $XRP at Big Discount as Market Prepares for Rebound; $GFOX Rallies to New High

Since late October, crypto markets have been moving practically vertically, and the recent retracement is a breath of fresh air. Sidelined participants have one last chance to secure decent entries, and flushing out leverage now forms a better base for the next upward climb.

Smart investors are busy shopping and buying the dip. They are sweeping up all the top cryptos to buy right now at bargain prices. These dip buyers have scooped up Solana ($SOL) and Ripple ($XRP) at a discount as the market prepares for a rebound, and presales show excellent relative strength. Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) rallies to new highs and presents a stark reminder that there is always a bull market somewhere in crypto.

Solana ($SOL) and Ripple ($XRP) Ready to Rebound 

On-chain activity shows massive demand for $SOL and $XRP, and these dip buyers are expecting a rebound soon. The gigantic pent-up demand for Solana has finally been unleashed, and everybody sidelined during the rally late last year has found their entry.

$SOL found strong support at $80, and existing bag holders have continued to average into their positions, knowing that this could be the best price for the rest of the year. Solana’s relative strength easily places it among the top 10 cryptos to buy now, and the performance expectations for this low-latency layer one are enormous this year.

Ripple has found strong support at $0.48 and currently trades at a similar level to early July last year before the ruling in its favour. Whales stepped in aggressively at this support level, and instead of flipping bearish at key support like retail, they flipped bullishly. Huge on-chain buy orders came in for $XRP, and it looks like all these dip-buyers will soon be in the green as markets rebound.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Makes New High 

Galaxy Fox has been ignoring negative market sentiment, and this ICO keeps posting new highs, showing the world why it is one of the top cryptos to buy right now. Rapidly closing in on $3 million raised and soon to end Stage 7 (over 92% subscribed), all current holders will enjoy another 15% price leap as it transitions into Stage 8.

This play-to-earn gem introduces a new standard and has integrated a sophisticated economic model on top of the classic financial incentive. Instead of just the top-ranked players earning, everybody gets a piece of the action by becoming a stakeholder in the ecosystem.

Token holders head to the Stargate module and stake to start earning passive income immediately. The clever use of taxes to fund these payouts means no inflationary emissions, and early stakeholders will steadily own a larger percentage of the total supply. How? Galaxy Fox’s burn campaign ensures a decreasing supply and $GFOX is an aggressively deflationary asset.

Its memecoin marketing style and tiny market cap give it outrageous upside potential, and it has the good fortune of launching later in 2024 in more positive sentiment. Small caps always fly in bull runs, and anybody asking what crypto to buy and how to land a 100X in 2024 needs to be looking at presales. Small cap gems exactly like $GFOX will be this cycle’s fastest horses. 

Closing Thoughts: Presales Raging & Bounce Incoming 

Presale funding is up, and smart money is buying the dip aggressively. Only paper hands are getting shaken out. Are $GFOX, $SOL, and $XRP the top cryptos to buy right now before the rebound? All look strong, but $GFOX is in a league of its own. Small caps are undefeated in positive sentiment. 

ICOs always run wild in bull markets. Everyone wants to be as early to a project as possible. Participate in the Galaxy Fox presale today instead of chasing the trade in several weeks. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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