Under A Week Left For Presale of Surf 2 Earn Platform SURF Reward

The SURF Reward (SURF) project and its presale are really kicking off in the crypto market, as investors are flocking to the sale of the token. This groundbreaking initiative allows you to earn while browsing the internet, simply by compensating you for permitting and viewing advertisements. 

The presale is also set to enter its next stage in just under a week, so it’s imperative that those who are interested enter the presale now. To help, we talk about the Surf Reward ecosystem and the browser extension, the presale, and how it’s poised to revolutionize online earnings. There’s plenty to explore, so let’s jump right in.

SURF Reward Has A Unique Earning Mechanism

Surf Reward has piqued considerable interest for its inventive approach to generating income, a development unsurprising given the perpetual quest among crypto enthusiasts for fresh and engaging earning avenues. It holds significant promise in this regard, especially in light of the growing focus on video platforms extending their advertisements.

Hailing from Düsseldorf, Germany, Abelius Capital AG, established in 2019, is the driving force behind the creation of SURF Reward. This foray into decentralized technology marks a new chapter for the company.

The project’s ingenious concept has the potential to bring substantial benefits to the broader internet landscape. While blockchain-based advertising modifications have been explored before, SURF Reward offers a more comprehensive and realized solution. The SURF Reward browser extension seamlessly integrates with all major browsers, ensuring a remarkably straightforward setup process. As described by the project, this extension “eliminates a significant portion of internet advertising and replaces individual ad spaces with its own advertising partners. Henceforth, the profits accrue to you, not the webmaster!”

The overwhelming presence of online advertisements is a persistent issue. Users often resort to ad-blockers, leading to diminished effectiveness for advertisers. Alternatively, they may endure a barrage of ads that disrupt the online experience. It’s a vexing problem that has only escalated over the years, with no solution in sight—except for SURF Reward, that is.

SURF Reward brings benefits to all parties involved. It incentivizes users to interact with ads, while advertisers can execute more precise and cost-effective campaigns. The use of blockchain technology ensures complete transparency and trust in the entire process.

Users receive rewards in the form of SURF tokens. On that note, it’s imperative to delve into how this token functions and provide details about the upcoming presale. The presale has recently commenced, presenting an opportunity to get involved from the ground up!

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Next Presale Stage of The SURF Token In About 6 Days

The SURF presale has successfully gathered over $192,000 in funds, currently priced at $0.0265 per token. In approximately one week’s time, the price will experience an increase as the next stage arrives, ultimately reaching the listing price of $0.05. The set fundraising cap stands at $1.1 million. There are about a6 days left in the current presale stage.

Moreover, there are enticing bonus opportunities tied to referrals and reward boosters. Notably, the reward booster system offers presale participants the potential to earn up to 250% in rewards, structured on a tiered system where higher investment leads to greater reward boosts.

For the presale phase, 20% of the total token supply has been allocated, while 39% is earmarked for project rewards, 35% for liquidity and marketing endeavors, 8% for development, and 6% for the team. Partners and advisors will receive 2%. The overall token supply amounts to 1 billion, with 200 million designated for the presale. The hard cap is set at $5 million, with a soft cap of $1.5 million.

Looking forward, the SURF Reward team has outlined a robust roadmap. In the immediate future, their priority lies in implementing staking, providing users an additional avenue for earning, and fostering ecosystem growth. Post-presale, the team will shift their focus towards exchange listings and conduct beta testing for the SURF Reward extension. Concurrently, they will be concentrating on launching the self-service advertising platform.


Surf Reward is really shaping up to be one of the most unique projects to hit the market.. Its distinctive use case has the potential to redefine how we perceive earning while engaging in activities we enjoy. We strongly recommend taking a look at the project, engaging with its social channels, and participating in the SURF presale before the next stage arrives.

Check Out SURF Reward

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