TG CASINO – Has an $800 Million Market Cap. Best to Invest In

Market sentiment is soaring as Bitcoin nears $37K, and the Bitcoin halving and ETF approvals are within arms reach. As such, many altcoins have pumped recently, with some up over 100% this month.

However, one blockchain trend is disrupting a $250 billion industry and remains under a $1 billion total market cap.

The industry is crypto gambling, and it has begun gathering significant momentum recently.

Analyst Predicts Crypto Gambling Could Be the Best Investment

In a recent video, analyst Crypto Costa explained the crypto casino trend to his 94K YouTube subscribers. The YouTuber highlighted the industry’s small market cap, which was at $450 million at the time and is now over $800 million.

Crypto Costa then highlighted its high potential, comparing it to the broader casino industry’s staggering $263 billion valuation. However, crypto casinos are amassing significant hype because they offer several crucial advantages over legacy casinos.

For instance, crypto casinos provide faster deposits and withdrawals, offer users ownership and casino revenue share, extra rewards, increased privacy, and more.

Considering its real-world utility and low market cap, this could equate to tremendous growth potential for the undervalued crypto sector. This is particularly true because many crypto casinos are already established businesses. 

For example, the owner of the crypto casino reportedly bought an $80 million property in Australia in 2022.

Looking ahead, two significant drivers could impact the crypto casino market cap: gaining market share in the casino industry and speculative and utility-driven demand within crypto.

Analyst Crypto Costa highlights these factors have already begun bolstering existing crypto casino prices. One example is market leader Rollbit, which climbed to an impressive $767 million market cap despite only launching in March. 

Yet, while the analyst is bullish on the entire crypto casino industry, he is particularly optimistic about the future of the new presale TG Casino

The project is currently in its presale stage, enabling investors to get in early at a low price. However, this is not the only reason Crypto Costa is bullish; it also boasts several advantages over current crypto casinos, indicating strong upside potential once it launches on exchanges.

Anonymous Telegram-Based TG Casino Offers High Staking APY and 25% Cashback on All Losses

TG Casino is an anonymous Telegram-based casino. The anonymity it provides users is a significant advantage over market leader Rollbit, which suffers a notoriously slow KYC process.

Furthermore, TG Casino is available exclusively on Telegram. This provides several advantages, like access to Telegram’s one billion users, a more seamless user experience, and end-to-end encryption that empowers users to gamble privately worldwide.

As highlighted by Crypto Costa, the project also boasts cutting-edge tokenomics with robust utility. The $TGC token provides holders benefits like free rewards, access to exclusive rooms and games, 25% cashback on all losses, and an over 200% staking APY.

However, users looking to maximize their holdings through staking should act fast because the APY will decrease as the staking pool size grows.

Another massively anticipated feature is its buyback mechanism that will repurchase $TGC tokens from the open market with a portion of the platform’s revenue. It will redistribute 60% of these tokens as staking rewards and burn 40%. This will considerably enhance the token’s supply and demand dynamics.

While the project holds significant upside potential, a price rise is set to occur in two days. Therefore, those looking to secure the best price must be fast.

Visit TG Casino Presale

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