Ripple Scores Yet Another Victory, InQubeta Presale Becomes Talk of Crypto Community

The ongoing legal battle between the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple (XRP) appears to be nearing its end. According to reports, the SEC will be seeking a $770 million settlement. However, according to John Deaton, a pro-Ripple attorney, the lawsuit could be settled for $20 million or less. This recent development has been hailed as a win for XRP, with the SEC appearing to be throwing in the towel. Does this mean an incoming XRP rally? It is very likely.

Meanwhile, the InQubeta presale, a project that blends blockchain and AI, has become the talk of the crypto community after raising over $4.5 million. In this article, we will cover the potential victory of XRP against the SEC and why it is one of the altcoins to buy. In addition, we will explore the growing interest in InQubeta, including why it is one of the new DeFi projects to anticipate.

InQubeta (QUBE): The Talk of the Crypto Community

InQubeta (QUBE) has risen to become the top ICO in the crypto space. It recently passed the $4.5 million fundraising milestone and has been gathering even stronger momentum to become the talk of the crypto community. In our opinion, it is deserving of all the hype it is currently experiencing and is positioned as a top ICO (initial coin offering).

Why is there so much buzz around this project? To begin, it is a blend of AI and blockchain technology. It seeks to reshape the AI industry, in particular the fundraising aspect. Not only that. It also aims to make the AI market accessible by utilizing NFT technology and a fractional investment model. This makes it the best new crypto to invest in, as it is poised to experience imminent adoption and witness significant growth.

This project is still in its early stages, round 5, and costs just $0.0161 per token. According to experts, the price will rise by 4,000% immediately after its launch. If you want to join this growing community and enjoy substantial ROI, simply follow the link below.

Ripple (XRP): Impending Victory against the SEC

The legal tussle between the SEC and Ripple (XRP) appears to be nearing its end. In 2020, the regulatory body accused Ripple of raising over $3.1 billion in unregistered securities, leading to a long legal battle. With the lawsuit apparently in its final stages, Ripple has had the edge for the most part. It won several battles against the SEC, including the partial victory that XRP’s sale on exchanges was deemed not to be a security.

The recent development further shows that the SEC might not have a solid case against XRP after all. According to reports, the regulatory body is considering a $770 million settlement, which many have termed a “loser move.” Meanwhile, key players like John Deaton, a pro-Ripple attorney, believe the firm could settle the lawsuit for as little as $20 million or less, which will be a significant legal triumph for Ripple.

This development has sparked excitement within the crypto community, with XRP gaining in price. At the moment, XRP is positioned as one of the best coins to invest in, as it will likely skyrocket after its imminent victory against the SEC.


XRP and InQubeta are regarded as the best cryptos to buy at the moment. On the one hand, the ongoing legal battle between XRP and the SEC is almost over. InQubeta, on the other hand, is a cutting-edge project getting ready for a 4,000% boost in value following launch.

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