New Coin Listings Trending On DEXTools Amid Bitcoin ETF Mania

With the Bitcoin price up 35% in the last 30 days, new coin listings on DEXTools have also been popping off as traders hunt for even higher upside potential.

Dozens of new coins have been listed around the ETF / BlackRock / SEC theme, but only a few stand out from the pack as more than brief pump and dumps. We’ve put together two of the top trending cryptocurrency assets to watch, and an upcoming Uniswap listing rapidly progressing through its presale.

Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are trading sideways, and Pepe is working on finding a bottom and holding onto a $500 million market cap – currently just under it. None of those three more-established meme coins feature in the ten top trending cryptocurrencies on DEXTools or CoinMarketCap.

Traders are increasing pivoting to Bitcoin ETF themed meme tokens, predicted by analysts to be the next big thing: 

ETF The Token

ETF The Token (ETF) has risen over 1500x since September 1st, reminiscent of Pepe following its Uniswap listing.

$ETF has enjoyed the backing of some of the most popular names on crypto Twitter, including CryptoISO (132k followers), Zoran Kole (111k followers) and Ameba (22k followers).

$ETF has now dipped back to the $0.20 region, bouncing from the $0.15 level – a 74% correction.

This new coin’s website states: ‘ETF The Token stands as the bridge between memetic value and one of the most pivotal catalysts the cryptocurrency realm has ever witnessed’.

Find the full roadmap for $ETF at

View the $ETF price chart on DEXTools.


The Bitcoin ETF narrative isn’t the only headline maker in November – BlackRock has also filed for an Ethereum spot ETF, news which sent the Ethereum price over $2,000 to well above whale sifu.eth’s liquidation price (although he limited out of the position just in time).

Piggybacking on the increased attention to Ethereum is ETH ETF Token (ETHETF), a new coin listing earlier today.

$ETHETF’s trading volume has already exceeded $3.5 million within hour of its listing, with over $1 million in liquidity.

This new coin’s website states: ‘An SEC approval would place Ethereum amongst Gold and Silver as a bonafide financial asset. ETHETF Token celebrates this momentous achievement and rewards our token holders.’

Find the full roadmap for $ETHETF at

View the $ETHETF price chart on DEXTools.

Bitcoin ETF Token

Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF) is headed to Uniswap soon following the conclusion of its presale, which is currently ongoing and so far has raised $575,000.

$BTCETF has been positively reviewed by some of the largest crypto influencers on YouTube, including Austin Hilton (235k subscribers), Michael Wrubel (310k subscribers), and No Bs Crypto (38k subscribers).

EdaFace recently highlighted this trending crypto project. Read our early review of $BTCETF here.

This new coin’s website states: ‘The roadmap for Bitcoin ETF Token is linked to real-life Bitcoin events. BTCETF tokens are burned and staking rewards are increased as every Bitcoin ETF milestone is reached.’

Those rewards include a yield exceeding 400% for stakers.

Find the full roadmap for $BTCETF at

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