Meme Moguls Could Be The Next Crypto to Hit $1 This Year

With Bitcoin up by 127% this year, and Doge and Shiba Inu up by 30% this month, it seems the long crypto winter has ended, just in time for the BTC halving of 2024. Pepe took the memecoin world by storm this year, posting gains of well over 2000% – in a bear market! So now that everything is looking bullish, where should you be looking for the next superstar crypto?

Shiba Inu, Pepe or Doge? Nope. 

These projects have all done well, and will likely rise again, but are they going to $1? No. Why? Because they are already large cap coins that would need insane amounts of money to enter the market to get anywhere near that level.

Instead, the answer lies in a new coin and project that has just entered phase one of its presale – Meme Moguls.

What is Meme Moguls?

Meme Moguls is a fun project that aims to make 100 millionaires within three months of launching. And unlike say DOGE or PEPE, there’s more than one way that this can happen. 

But first, let’s explore this upcoming platform. If you’ve ever bought a memecoin from a decentralized exchange, the chances are you know about PancakeSwap. (And if you’ve only ever used Robinhood or Binance to buy your memecoins then that’s a good start, but you need to get yourself on web3 to be early).

Meme Moguls is aiming to be the PancakeSwap of Memecoins. It’s going to be a place where you can play games, trade meme NFTs and memecoins, and meet other traders. You’ve heard of Fantasy Football. Now imagine that but with your favourite memes. And a community of people that you can trade with, and learn from.

So how can you make gains with Meme Moguls?

The exciting thing is that there are several ways to profit from Meme Moguls:

  1. Buy the $MGLS token, which powers the platform, and watch it moon,
  2. Enter the giveaways of $10,000, which will happen as each presale stage concludes,
  3. Become a legendary meme trader and earn special NFTs that you can sell on Opensea,
  4. Stake $MGLS to earn passive income,
  5. Go full defi degen and provide liquidity to earn $MGLS each time someone does a swap,
  6. Learn from your new friends about strategies and be the first to find the next PEPE,
  7. Be an active Meme Mogul community member and earn MGLS for participating.

That’s a lot! So for now, let’s focus on the MGLS token. 

The token is in the very first stage, and experts are predicting a 1000x from now until the end of the presale. It will then go live on the open market where it could easily skyrocket just like Pepe did. 

Imagine getting in on PEPE before it was even listed on an exchange! According to, one trader made paper gains of $1 million from just $250 worth of PEPE. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t able to sell at this rate, due to low liquidity. 

With Meme Moguls though, providing liquidity will come with juicy incentives (see point 5!), meaning that this won’t be an issue.

Final thoughts

Holding Shiba Inu or Doge is very likely to bring you a profit if the bull run happens. But whatever the market conditions, the price of Meme Moguls is going to rise throughout the presale. And due to the fun, varied, and competitive nature of the platform, there are going to be so many ways to make a profit. Take a look and see if you agree.

Visit Meme Moguls

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