Fidelity Files for ETH ETF. Solana Hits $3B. Everlodge Changing Game

Recent developments have captured the attention of crypto traders worldwide. Fidelity’s filing regarding an Ethereum (ETH) ETF, Solana’s (SOL) decentralized exchanges (DEXs) hitting a remarkable B in volume, and Everlodge’s (ELDG) disruptive innovation in the real estate sector stand as pivotal moments shaping the future of crypto.

Ethereum (ETH): Fidelity Joins the ETF Push 

Fidelity has made waves by filing for an ETF centred around Ethereum (ETH). Crypto analyst James Seyffart revealed this filing, which shows a notable shift in the investment landscape towards embracing digital assets. 

The proposed Fidelity Ethereum Fund aims to be listed by a Cboe Global Markets-owned exchange, marking a strategic partnership that could pave the way for traders to gain exposure to Ethereum’s potential growth. Ethereum, amidst this development, has displayed an upward price performance, increasing from $1,918 on November 17th to $2,016 on November 20th.  

Ethereum has also experienced 20 out of 30 (67%) green days over the last 30 days. Due to all these reasons, experts have made a bullish Ethereum price prediction. They state its value could potentially reach $2,114 by December 2023. 

Solana (SOL): DEXs Volume Surges to $3B 

Solana (SOL) radiates bullish potential, evident in its recent decentralized exchange (DEX) trading volume surge. DeFiLlama’s latest data illustrates a remarkable milestone for Solana as its DEX platforms achieved record-breaking trading volumes, surpassing the monumental $3B mark. 

This surge signals unprecedented adoption and solidifies Solana’s position as a significant player in the DeFi space. The Solana crypto’s consistent performance above the 100-day EMA further strengthens its bullish stance. Its value has also increased from $52 on November 13th to $59 on November 20th. 

With experts projecting a potential surge to $68.24 by December 2023 for the Solana price, its good fundamentals and remarkable DEX volume set the stage for a promising trajectory.

Everlodge (ELDG): A Unique Real Estate Property Marketplace

Everlodge (ELDG) will emerge as a game-changer compared to Ethereum and Solana, using blockchain technology to redefine property ownership. The platform will break barriers to traditional real estate ownership by enabling users to invest fractionally in real-world properties like hotels and luxury villas.

It will accomplish this by integrating fractional vacation home ownership, timeshare, and NFT technology into its ecosystem. By minting real-world properties as NFTs and subsequently fractionalizing them, Everlodge will open the door for you to become a fractional owner with entry costs as low as $100.

Moreover, Everlodge’s utilization of NFTs not only introduces efficiency but will also increase liquidity. For instance, you can trade these property-backed NFTs on secondary markets anytime. This will provide all traders with faster entry and exit. 

Those looking to support this project are now buying its native token – ELDG, for just $0.025. But, it is in Stage 7 of its presale and, unlike Ethereum and Solana, has a lower market cap. This fact, in combination with its real-world ties to the trillion-dollar hospitality industry, means ELDG may surge faster. Therefore, analysts forecast a 3,000% rally for ELDG on its launch day. 

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