ETH, XRP Prices Slide But Analysts Remain Bullish on BTCETF Token

The crypto market has struggled over the past 24 hours, with Ethereum and XRP faring worst for wear out of the top 10 projects by market cap. Although they’ve slightly pulled back since, they remain in the read for price movement over the last day.

However, analysts are backing the new Bitcoin ETF Token as it pushes forth through its ICO regardless of the market’s turbulence.

Ethereum and XRP Selloff Amid Technical and Fundamental Barriers

Ethereum’s recent selloff is seemingly a result of price-related factors aligning for a pullback. This is mainly because Ethereum has recently experienced a substantial uptick in price after Blackrock announced plans to file for an Ethereum ETF.

The announcement sent crypto prices surging, with Ethereum reaching its highest price since April.

It quickly exploded past its $2K resistance but entered the oversold territory on the daily time frame RSI indicator.

These factors coincided for a pullback to retest the $2K resistance turned support level. However, the level was not respected, with Ethereum dropping below and currently trading at $1977. This indicates a weakening market sentiment.

One reason may be that Ethereum’s scalability issue has again come to light, with reports that transaction fees have climbed as high as $220. This is unaffordable for the average crypto user and paints a daunting picture of how high they could go in the peak bull run.

Meanwhile, Solana has climbed over 6% in the last 24 hours, indicating traders are opting for scalability.

Moving to XRP, the most impactful event on its recent price action is a fake XRP ETF filing, which caused a temporary spike in its price to highs of $0.75.

However, the fake ETF filing was quickly redacted, causing its price to return immediately.

The move has seemingly diminished interest in XRP as its volume crashed and its price dropped below a local support level of $0.64.

This is amplified by Delaware reporting the fake ETF filing to the U.S. Department of Justice and stating that the perpetrator will likely be prosecuted.

Meanwhile, Ripple and XRP whales have recently moved $296 million worth of XRP. The transactions were on chain and took place in two batches.

The first batch comprised two transactions amounting to $281 million, with the majority sent to an anonymous wallet and some to an exchange address.

The second batch worth $15 million was sent to a Bitstamp-associated wallet, indicating they may be liquidated. 

Ultimately, these factors for both XRP and ETH, combined with their recent price increases, have attributed to bearish momentum, enabling short sellers to control the market and push down prices.

Nevertheless, analysts are bullish on the new presale project, Bitcoin ETF Token, which is at the epicenter of the monumental Bitcoin ETF hype.

Deflationary Stake-to-Earn Bitcoin ETF Token Raises $680K in 1 Week of ICO

Bitcoin ETF Token is a new staking coin that aims to harness the Bitcoin ETF hype to foster a vast community.

The project features two innovative burn mechanisms. One will burn 5% of its total supply at five key Bitcoin ETF milestones, creating scarcity while market sentiment is highest. The second is a 5% burn tax on each transaction, encouraging long-term holding while reducing the token’s circulating supply.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin ETF Token also places a notable emphasis on community. For instance, its staking mechanism currently offers a generous 397% APY. Moreover, it boasts a news feed that pulls the most impactful Bitcoin ETF updates from around the web into one dashboard.

These factors have led to considerable presale success, with the project raising a whopping  $640K despite launching just last week.

Bitcoin ETF Token has also raised eyebrows in mainstream crypto media, with outlets like EdaFace, Yahoo Finance,, and Crypto News already covering it.

Yet, given its timely release just months before the Bitcoin ETF approvals are anticipated, its media and investor allure is no surprise.

Market participants can buy Bitcoin ETF Token for $0.0052, but they must act fast as its price will rise in one day.

Visit Bitcoin ETF Token Presale

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