5 New Coin Listings Trending on DEXTools

The low-cap crypto space continues to expand rapidly, with new projects launching daily.

These projects often feature unique use cases and value propositions to help them stand out from the pack.

This article will highlight 5 of the most talked-about new coin listings currently trending on DEXTools, a popular platform for tracking real-time data on Ethereum tokens.


One of the most hyped new listings generating buzz on DEXTools is ETHETF Token (ETHETF).

This token aims to allow crypto enthusiasts to capitalize on the potential approval of spot Ethereum exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

ETHETF launched today, featuring a total supply of 100 million and an innovative 2% buy-burn tax, set to be removed following the SEC’s approval of a spot ETH ETF.

The project has quickly attracted attention for letting investors gain exposure to Ethereum’s promising ETF future.

As financial giants like BlackRock file their own ETH spot ETF applications, ETHETF offers a way to participate in the evolving crypto landscape surrounding the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency.

ETHETF Token’s litepaper outlines that 95% of the ETHETF supply has been earmarked for DEX liquidity, while 5% will be used for CEX liquidity.

Importantly, the DEX liquidity is locked, ensuring that ETHETF tokens are inaccessible to the development team and mitigating fears of a potential “rug pull.”

Additionally, there was no presale for ETHETF, with the token stealth launched to build hype and intrigue.

This approach seems to be working, with the token’s price up over 305% in the first few hours of trading.

With Ethereum inching closer to a potential ETF approval, ETHETF offers crypto investors a chance to diversify into this high-potential area early.

Prospective investors can buy ETHETF tokens directly through via the Uniswap widget.

2. Grok (GROK)

Another token generating buzz on DEXTools is the meme coin Grok (GROK).

This new crypto quickly garnered attention after being named after Elon Musk’s AI chatbot project.

However, Grok is not affiliated with Musk or any of his companies, indicating that it was created purely to pay homage to the tech tycoon’s vision of the future.

GROK initially surged to a market cap of nearly $200 million after its launch but then crashed over 75% amid fraud allegations related to the developer’s questionable past.

The team attempted to restore trust by burning 180 million tokens, but GROK remains down 66% from yesterday’s high.

Regardless, GROK is currently ranked first on DEXTools’ list of trending tokens, indicating that retail investors are still interested in the token and its prospects.

3. Web (WEB)

The new meme token Web (WEB) is also generating hype on DEXTools lately.

WEB emerged following an accidental Twitter leak that hinted at a mysterious project, similar to recent leaks about Elon Musk’s AI initiatives such as Grok and PromptIDE.

While GROK has already surged, WEB is now positioning itself as the next potential breakout token.

The token features zero transaction taxes, and its liquidity has been burned and renounced.

Riding the momentum of its leak-fueled origin story, WEB has soared over 2,100% since it was launched on Uniswap yesterday.

Given its indirect association with Musk’s AI projects, Web is another low-cap crypto that investors are closely monitoring.

4. OTSea (OTSEA)

OTSea (OTSEA) is another new listing turning heads on DEXTools today.

This token powers a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange platform for swapping Ethereum-based tokens directly between users.

Bypassing liquidity pools, OTSea offers traders an alternative way to buy and sell tokens privately or at discounted rates.

Notably, most exchange fees are paid back to OTSEA holders – providing a clear incentive to own the token.

Offering use cases such as discreet position exits and trading tax avoidance, OTSea introduces fresh utility to the DeFi world.

The OTSEA price is up 580% in the past two weeks, and with a market cap of over $11 million, there’s a growing belief among the investor base that the token could be in line for high-profile CEX listings soon.

5. Cybertruck (TRUCK)

One more meme coin that’s catching the attention on DEXTools is Cybertruck (TRUCK), which pays homage to Elon Musk’s iconic Tesla electric pickup.

This token is inspired by Musk’s prominence in crypto culture and the recent social media attention devoted to the Cybertruck’s upcoming launch.

TRUCK was stealth launched with deflationary tokenomics, including a 1 billion total supply, zero taxes, and an auto-burn mechanism that reduces the liquidity pool supply hourly.

With Musk’s actual Cybertruck set to be released on November 30, the timing of this token is designed to capitalize on the hype.

The TRUCK price is up 639% in the past five days – although it was up by over 2,900% during yesterday’s surge before pulling back today.

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