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Act Now or Miss Out On This Promo Season – Don’t Delay!

Hi Friend

Do you know that EdaFace, a user interface aggregator, is powering global decentralization using blockchain technology and artificial intelligence?

EdaFace Team is offering a Promo for Eda Token, the native utility cryptocurrency, of EdaFace.

The Details of the Promo are as follows:

Plan A:

If you buy Eda Token with an amount that is less than 1000 US dollars, you will receive a free 100% bonus of your purchase.

Plan B:

If you buy Eda Token with any amount between 1000 to 5000 US dollars, you will receive a free 200% bonus of your purchase.

Plan C:

If you buy Eda Token with more than 5000 US dollars, you will receive a free 300% bonus of your purchase.


Promo Duration:

1st to 31st October 2023


How to Participate in the Promo:

Step 1: Open an account with EdaFace Launchpad…

Step 2: Buy Eda Token from EdaFace Launchpad.

Step 3: Send the email address that you used to open an account with EdaFace Launchpad to [email protected] so that your Promo bonus can be sent to your EdaFace Launchpad account.


Available Assistance:

If you have any difficulty buying Eda Token, you don’t need to worry. You can watch video clips for guidance on EdaFace YouTube channel:

Alternatively, you can contact EdaFace Admin for assistance via email: [email protected].


Referral Bonus Also Available:

Please, note that Eda Token Referral Bonus still applies during this Promo. Once anyone buys Eda Token with your Referral Link, you will receive a 10% Referral Bonus in addition to the Promo Bonus. You can see your Referral Link (also called Referral URL) in your EdaFace Launchpad account.


Don’t miss this Promo opportunity to acquire large amount of Eda Token and become a whale!

Best Regards

EdaFace Team.





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