InQubeta ($QUBE) Offers a Unique Avenue to Diversify Investment

Axie Infinity ($AXS) is one of the world’s most popular projects with its blockchain-based play-to-earn (P2E) gaming software. The $AXS token recently witnessed a decrease in value, causing significant losses for its holders. 99% of all $AXS addresses are currently in the red, and these investors may be searching for a profitable cryptocurrency ICO to take their portfolios out of the red zone.

InQubeta ($QUBE) appears unperturbed by the value declines affecting cryptos like Axie Infinity. The AI investment platform is steadily rising to the top of the crypto market, building more profit for investors. Many crypto holders are considering shifting to InQubeta by participating in its profitable presale. $QUBE presents a valuable opportunity for crypto holders to expand their portfolio value and make a profit in the long term.

Let’s determine if $AXS holders will exit for high-growth $QUBE as 99% of $AXS addresses enter the red.

InQubeta ($QUBE) Offers a Unique Avenue to Diversify Investments.

InQubeta is a high-growth token through its unique ecosystem, which offers AI investment opportunities to willing investors. Through its innovative presale, InQubeta lets crypto enthusiasts purchase $QUBE tokens and join its revolutionary cryptocurrency ICO. Any investor hoping to make a large profit on the market needs to consider InQubeta’s community, and its various offerings.

InQubeta’s presale is in its 4th stage, where $QUBE tokens can be purchased for $0.0133. The presale site also features a promo code that allows savvy investors to get a 10% bonus and increase their earnings. Over 70% of the Stage 4 tokens have been sold, and more than $2.9 million has been raised.

InQubeta is home to a marketplace where AI startups can attract potential investors using trending NFTs. These NFTs contain special rewards and equities to encourage investors to invest in profitable AI startups. InQubeta’s goal is to build a viable community of investors with a vested interest in the success of their chosen startups.

Investors can peruse and evaluate pieces from the many trending NFTs before paying for the ones they desire. Each purchase is completed using $QUBE tokens, increasing their value among the community members. This process gives AI startups the finances they need to advance their projects.

Another feature that makes $QUBE the best cryptocurrency on the market is its use as a governance token. $QUBE allows its community members to propose ideas concerning the direction of the platform. Each $QUBE token holder has the right to vote on each proposal. InQubeta’s development team implements the proposals to bring the community’s desires to life. This is an excellent opportunity for investors to add a valuable presale token to their portfolio.

Axie Infinity ($AXS) Struggles to Regain Lost Ground in the Bear Market.

During the last crypto bull run, Axie Infinity was one of the cryptocurrencies with the best performance. Its decline has seriously reduced the token’s popularity among investors, leaving many unsure about its future profitability potential. This price decline will significantly reduce the number of users in the $AXS gaming ecosystem.

Axie Infinity first gained prominence after launching a successful gaming software based on blockchain tokenomics. Despite concerns for the platform’s future performance, a few analysts believe that the current confidence drop is to be expected in a bear market. $AXS appears to be taking advantage of its previous reputation as a high-growth token, recording short-term gains to soothe token holders and maintain its user volume. Other investors are uncertain of the token’s performance in the long term.


With 99% of all $AXS addresses in the red, its users are looking for the next best cryptocurrency with high growth potential to add to their holdings. InQubeta offers a way out through a profitable presale that any investor can join. $QUBE’s presale has just entered its middle stages. This means there is still enough time for interested investors to buy the $QUBE tokens and increase their portfolio value.

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