InQubeta (QUBE): Hope Amidst Uncertainty

In the high-stakes cryptocurrency game, the narrative can change at lightning speed. As the Cardano (ADA) trajectory draws concern, new ICOs like InQubeta are turning heads, suggesting significant upcoming rallies. Let’s dig deeper into these developments, starting with the buzz around InQubeta.

InQubeta (QUBE): Hope Amidst Uncertainty

Before diving into the concerns surrounding Cardano, it’s essential to understand the impressive rise and potential of InQubeta. An AI-driven project InQubeta is revolutionizing the way investments are perceived in tech startups. Its core philosophy is democratising AI investments, opening doors once restricted to a few elites. Its native ERC20 coin, QUBE, fuels the entire ecosystem, offering the added advantage of a deflationary mechanism and staking rewards.

In recent times, the investor community’s enthusiasm around InQubeta has surged. The project’s ongoing presale has raised over $2.5 million, showcasing its growing appeal in the crypto market. The features underpinning InQubeta, such as integrating an NFT marketplace and cross-chain functionalities, only add to its appeal. Many view QUBE as the next big thing in crypto as other top altcoins face market adversities.

Cardano (ADA) to Enter a ‘Depression’ Phase?

Cardano (ADA), hailed as the ‘Ethereum killer’ due to its extensive utility and scalability, is currently the talk of the town – albeit for a reason that’s causing ripples of concern among its vast investor base. Benjamin Cowen, a trusted voice on YouTube, has introduced a viewpoint that’s sending shockwaves through the crypto community.

Drawing from historical market data, Cowen suggests that ADA’s current market trajectory mirrors patterns observed in the Nasdaq market between 2002-2003. For those unfamiliar, this period was marked by a notable price decline – a trend that Cardano might be echoing, according to Cowen. He foresees Cardano entering a ‘depression’ phase that could potentially witness a considerable dip in its valuation.

Maker (MKR): Gearing up for a run?

In the shadow of Cardano’s potential downturn, Maker seems to be prepping for a significant market movement – upwards. This decentralized lending platform has consistently showcased resilience and adaptability, key indicators of its upcoming rally.

While Cardano and InQubeta command the spotlight, Maker has been silently and steadily strengthening its foundation. Its decentralized ethos and core functionality offer a lending solution that’s both transparent and secure. A blend of these attributes and favourable market conditions suggests MKR is gearing up for a substantial bullish run.


Navigating the volatile waters of the crypto sea requires a blend of insight, strategy, and, sometimes, a touch of intuition. While Cowen’s prediction for Cardano might paint a bleak picture, it’s crucial to remember that digital assets thrive on unpredictability. Every downturn potentially sets the stage for a rally, a sentiment echoed by the trajectories of InQubeta and Maker. Investors are advised to keep an eye out, stay updated, and, most importantly, not be swayed by temporary setbacks.

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