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EdaFace – We Have Built a World-class NFT Marketplace

Hi Friend,

We have successfully built a world-class NFT Marketplace. We have the following minting standards on EdaFace NFT Marketplace:

(1). Single Minting

This is where you can mint an individual NFT. This is especially good for families or organization who wants to perpetuate a particular trait in their lineage or organization.

(2). UniMultple Minting

This is where you can mint a particular specie of NFT in multiple numbers, as much as hundreds of thousands at once. This is especially useful for creators who want to mint one type of NFT and sell it to their fans.

(3). PolyMultiple Minting

This is where you can mint two or more varieties of NFTs at once. Hence, no matter how many species you have in a collection, you can mint them all at once! It will help creators to reduce gas fees drastically.

(4). Layer Minting

This is where you can take one NFT and cross breed it with another NFT to produce a new hybrid specie. Imagine taking a dog NFT and cross-breed with a fox NFT. That is available only on EdaFace NFT Marketplace!

(5). Lazy Minting

This is where you can upload NFTs onto EdaFace arena without paying any gas fees for users to mint any of the uploaded NFTs. This is a great market strategy for a creator who does not want to pay any gas fee and yet wants to sell a number of his NFTs to the public.


EdaFace – a Superior Upgrade!

The above are the five minting standards available on EdaFace NFT Marketplace. You cannot get them this way on any other platform. In other words, EdaFace NFT Marketplace is a superior upgrade of Opensea and Binance NFT Marketplaces.

Today, we’ve just finished the testing of these five minting standards and they are now working well. What we are busy now with is Single Sign On and Database Synchronization across EdaFace platforms so that any user can have a seamless and easy navigation.

Believe me, we feel good with what we have built. We thank God for it.

We are offering a new way of non-fungible tokenization to the global NFT industry! These new changes will be deployed to the mainnet ( as soon as our Single Sign On and Database Synchronization are complete. Stay tuned for the announcement!

Meanwhile, join us by registering on EdaFace Launchpad as we grow and develop.

Remember to acquire Eda Token via EdaFace Launchpad ( This is because Eda Token is the native utility coin of EdaFace Ecosystem.

Best Regards

EdaFace Team.


EdaFace NFT Marketplace:

EdaFace Launchpad:


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