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EdaFace Promo Season Here Again!

Hi Friend

Do you know that EdaFace, a user interface aggregator, is powering global decentralization using blockchain technology and artificial intelligence?

Thus far, the following decentralized products of EdaFace are being developed:

(1). EdaFace NFT Marketplace: for non-fungible tokenisation of products

(2). EdaFace P2P Market: for decentralized peer-to-peer trading

(3). EdaFace Newsfeed: for continuous daily news update about the emerging digital age

(4). EdaFace Launchpad: for presale listing and crowdfunding of projects

(5). EdaFace Digital Mall: an ecommerce platform for decentralised global market

(6). EdaFace Forum: a platform for interaction among lovers and traders of decentralised communities

(7). EdaFace Digital Clinic: pioneering decentralised healthcare system

(8). EdaFace School of Cryptocurrencies: for teaching and simplifying cryptocurrencies and all other digital assets

(9). EdaFace Listing Platforms: this is where you’ll see all the coins, tokens, and exchanges available within and outside the blockchain industry

(10). EdaFace Decentralised Exchange: offers decentralised finance, staking, spot and derivatives trading, bridging, etc. with its unique MIM Pools – first of its kind in the world!

Most of these products are at their finalisation stages of development, and can be viewed on EdaFace website…

In addition, Eda Token, which is the native utility token of EdaFace, is about to be listed in some centralised exchanges.


Promo Season!!

To create awareness and raise more capital for further development of EdaFace projects, EdaFace Team is offering a Promo for anyone who buys Eda Token.

The Details of the Promo are as follows:

Plan A:

If you buy Eda Token with an amount that is less than 1000 US dollars, you will receive a free 100% bonus of your purchase.

Plan B:

If you buy Eda Token with any amount between 1000 US dollars to 5000 US dollars, you will receive a free 200% bonus of your purchase.

Plan C:

If you buy Eda Token with more than 5000 US dollars, you will receive a free 300% bonus of your purchase.


Promo Duration:

1st to 31st October 2023


How to Participate in the Promo:

Step 1: Open an account with EdaFace Launchpad…

Step 2: Buy Eda Token from EdaFace Launchpad.

Step 3: Send the email address that you used to open an account with EdaFace Launchpad to [email protected] so that your Eda Token bonus can be sent to your EdaFace Launchpad account.

You can watch a video clip on how to buy Eda Token at:

If you have any difficulty buying Eda Token, you don’t need to worry. You can watch more short videos that are available on EdaFace YouTube channel:

Alternatively, you can contact EdaFace Admin for assistance via email: [email protected].

Don’t miss this Promo opportunity to acquire large amount of Eda Token and become a whale!

Please, note that Eda Token Referral Bonus still applies during this Promo.


Details of Referral Bonus

To enjoy Eda Token Referral Bonus, you will need to take the following steps:

(1). Open an account with EdaFace Launchpad, if you haven’t done so.

(2). Once you have opened an account with EdaFace Launchpad, a unique Referral URL (also called Referral Link) is generated automatically in your account that is specifically for you.

(3). Copy the Referral Link from your Launchpad account.

(4). Send the Referral Link to your relatives, friends, colleagues or anyone you desire to buy Eda Token.

(5). All the person needs to do is simply to click on the Referral Link that you sent and then follow the prompt to buy Eda Token.

(6). Once anyone buys Eda Token with your Referral Link, you will receive a 10% Referral Bonus automatically in your account.

This means that the more people buy with your Referral Link, the more you will accumulate Eda Token in your account.

Don’t miss this opportunity to become a whale by accumulating large amount of Eda Token! The Referral Bonus will not last for too long!


Best Regards

EdaFace Team.


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