Bitcoin Spark Rumored To Be Built By Former BCH Developers 

Bitcoin has been the pillar for price movements in the ever-changing cryptocurrency universe. The digital currency has taken part in the development of the blockchain ecosystem. Various venture capitalists and individual investors have joined the ecosystem with hopes of gaining massive profits. Certain rumors state that Bitcoin Spark’s developers are former Bitcoin Cash employees. 

This is showcased in every crypto enthusiast’s lips. Instead, Bitcoin Spark was developed by individuals who are well conversant and informed of the ledger technology. The team believes in the progress of the initiative. Bitcoin Spark is an all-new groundbreaking decentralized platform that seeks to improve the functionality of the distributed ledger by providing interoperability, improved security, and scalability. This article will entail more profound insight into Bitcoin Spark’s mechanism. 

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash was developed to reinvent or re-adjust decentralization into the crypto industry. Compared to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash permits more transactions per block, which should result in reduced fees and faster processing times. Despite the competition, Bitcoin Spark shares similar features with Bitcoin as the total supply of Bitcoin Cash’s token is 21 million. 

Bitcoin Spark Mechanism Attracts Traditional Investors

The decentralized ecosystem has had immense evolution within the past decade. Bitcoin is one of the earliest innovations of the project to set the crypto sphere in a blaze. The digital currency had minimal attraction when commencing. Nevertheless, it gained traction in 2013 when the first bull market commenced. 

Bitcoin Spark is the new entrant that will develop the blockchain ecosystem to become a more versatile niche in modern technology. Vital Block and Contract Wolf, comprehensive and outstanding virtual currency auditing firms, have conducted a deep audit into Bitcoin Sparks KYC and smart contracts. The audit has given the platform complete trust and promotes client transparency.

Revenue generation is an aspect that every cryptocurrency project seeks to amend for better finance eligibility. When a crypto platform has a sufficient and expansive income generation mechanism, team members, participants, and the network will have sustainability and a sufficient maintenance system. 

New Bitcoin fork has a revenue-generation mechanism

The new Bitcoin fork has a revenue generation mechanism involving renting out processing power acquired from validator nodes and conducting brand promotion via ads. The platform will generate revenue by renting CPU or GPU processing power. The GPU is acquire from validators and miners participating in network validation activities. 

The processing power is use to external organizations and users who wish to perform tasks such as running shared resource servers and resource-hungry simulations. The team will generate 3% of the revenue from renting CPU/GPU power for income.

Another method for revenue generation is advertisement; the network will use a small portion unused from its application and website to promote ads. The ads will operate elastically. This indicates that when the amount of an advert increases, the time allocated for such an advert will reduced, and the payment will surge. These calculations will automatically executed by the platform’s smart ad algorithm.

When an advert doesn’t fit into the community satisfaction algorithm, the participants can, therefore, report the advert through direct voting. The team will check for the eligibility of the advertisement. And if it fails to meet the regulations, it will be flagged out. Moreover, the team will take 50% of the revenue generated from advertisement for maintenance and upkeep.  

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