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EdaFace NFT Marketplace About to Launch!

Non-Fungible Tokenization of Assets

In the late 1990s to early 2000s, there was much noise about the new development around businesses going online. Many people with dogmatic thinking were pessimistic and reluctant to jump on the moving train.

These pessimistic people were giving excuses like:

  • internet is a scam
  • internet is a bubble and will not last
  • online presence is a mirage that will yield no profit.

As such, many business owners never took advantage of the early bird online presence. Few people who dived into such a presenting opportunity at that time experienced astronomical growth in their sales and overall financial life.

History has a way of repeating itself. Today, the sweeping change across the business world and the career arena is Asset Tokenization. This simply refers to “the transformation of tangible and intangible items into digital assets with the help of blockchain technology.”

What this means is that valuable items that you have can now be transformed into digital assets of monetary value.

For instance, about three weeks ago, here in South Africa, the picture of our legend, Nelson Mandela, was transformed into non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which generated about two million dollars for Nelson Mandela Foundation. You can read the story here…

EdaFace has built an NFT Marketplace that can carry out such non-fungible tokenization.

EdaFace NFT Marketplace is an upgrade of Opensea and Binance NFT platforms, which are the leaders in the industry. EdaFace NFT Marketplace has introduced some new minting technologies into the blockchain industry.

EdaFace NFT Marketplace is now in its final stage of beta testing and will be launched very soon. You can see its beta stage at

EdaFace NFT Marketplace will help you to make money. Stay tuned for more information as we build up for launching.

Best Regards

EdaFace Team.


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