Top five ‘discounted’ altcoins with massive growth potential

Analysts have pointed out that while Bitcoin and Ethereum have recently dominated the spotlight, history shows that once Bitcoin hits a new all-time high and stabilizes, altcoins tend to surge. Although Bitcoin reached a new peak before the halving event and is expected to climb higher, the broader crypto environment indicates that altcoins are poised for major surge. Cryptocurrency analyst Altcoin Buzz took to his latest video and revealed the list of his ‘top high conviction altcoins.’ 

Coin 1: Arbitrum

He said that the first altcoin on his list is Arbitrum (ARB). Arbitrum is an Ethereum scaling solution making waves recently. Additionally, it supports the existing Ethereum ecosystem, making it easy for developers and users to migrate or integrate. The recent approval of Ethereum ETFs has benefited Ethereum-based projects, including Arbitrum, potentially bringing more liquidity. 

Although ARB is down 50% from its all-time high, this presents a great discount for medium to long-term investors. With recent updates and expansions, including the launch of the Alien X pool and leveraging AI technology, Arbitrum is set for growth.

Coin 2: Tectum

Next up is Tectum (TET), a project known for its high-speed, scalable blockchain technology aimed at creating a smoother user experience. Tectum’s blockchain can process over 1 million transactions per second by storing hashes on-chain and transactions at lower levels, making the chain lighter and faster. 

Recent updates in the Tectum ecosystem set the stage for growth, and the listing of the TET token on BingX is expected to boost exposure and liquidity. The TET token is currently trading at $12.13, which is a steal considering it’s about 60% below its all-time high of $45, representing a massive discount with growth potential.

Coin 3: Injective

The third altcoin on his list is Injective (INJ). Recently, there’s been a lot of interest in AI and Big Data crypto coins like INJ. Injective’s price is rebounding, and network activity is increasing, which is a good sign for the project’s health. This is especially promising before a potential bull run. Currently, INJ is trading at a discount, about 50% below its all-time high, making it a good buy before  price increases. 

Coin 4: Manta Network

Next is Manta Network, which had a strong start in 2024. Manta Network offers fast transactions and low fees, making it great for building and deploying Solidity-based dApps. They recently launched CDY, combining CI and DeFi to maximize user yields. The token is currently trading at $1.83, significantly below its all-time high, making it a good investment opportunity. 

Coin 5: Pyth Network

Finally, there is Pyth Network, a Solana-based project acting as an oracle solution. It gathers and shares price data from exchanges, trading platforms, and market makers. Pyth has the potential to challenge Chainlink, the leading oracle solution in crypto. Although still under the radar and trading at a low price, this makes it a good time to invest.

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