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Top Altcoins For 100% Surge in the coming week!

Amid increased price volatility, the cryptocurrency market has displayed significant price action over the past few days. However, the top tokens continue the struggle to hold prices above their respective resistance level, indicating a mixed sentiment in the crypto space.

On the other hand, mid-cap and low-cap altcoins have displayed a significant uptrend over the past week, indicating a switch of interest among investors toward these crypto tokens.

Let’s go, as in this article, we have covered the top 4 altcoins that have a high potential to record a surge of up to 100% in their respective portfolio during the upcoming week.


GMX is a Decentralized exchange (DEX) for trading perpetual cryptocurrency futures with up to 50X leverage on the top crypto tokens such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and many others. Launched in September 2021 on the Avalanche chain, the altcoin has gained significant attention from the market.

The altcoin has recorded a correction of approximately 5% within the past day but has recorded a jump of over 7% within the past week and has added 54.69% to its portfolio over the past month.

With a trading price of $39.36, a circulating supply of 9,524,966 GMX tokens, and a market capitalization of $374.850 Million, the GMX token has secured the 171st position in the global cryptocurrency market list.

Brett (BASED) (BRETT):

Introduced as Pepe Memecoin’s best friend, the Brett project is built on the BASE chain. The BRETT memecoin is the latest sensational token of the rapidly expanding BASE ecosystem. The project allows the platform to leverage the resources and expertise of other projects in the space.

The BRETT price has surged 57.53% within the past week and 342.30% over the past month. Moreover, it has rewarded its investors with a Year-to-Date (YTD) return of 306.61%, highlighting a positive outlook for the memecoin in the coming time.


Built on the Solana chain, the ALLBI project aims to assist its clients in creating a project in its system by preparing a cryptocurrency for them on their own terms, advertising, website, and administration. The services charged are transferred in “ALLBI” which is its native token.

With a trading price of $0.2834, a circulating supply of 1,330,204,603 ALLBI tokens, and a total supply of 1,534,000,000 ALLBI, the ALL BEST ICO has secured the 237th position with a market cap of $376.68 Million.

Despite recording a correction of 28.25% within the past day, the altcoin has added approximately 700% within the past day and 1,270,540.65% over the past month. Moreover, it has a YTD return of 5,96,132.56%, making it a top pick for this list.


The BEERCOIN is referred to as liquid gold. The BEER token works as the universal currency of enjoyment, togetherness, and happiness. Built on the Solana chain, this memecoin instantly gained significant attention in the crypto market due to huge whale activities.

The memecoin has jumped approximately 150% within the past week and has surged 308.21% since its inception. With a market cap of $230.77 Million, BEERCOIN has secured the 272nd position in the global cryptocurrency market list.

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