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Top 10 Altcoins Poised for a Massive Rally: Insights from Top Crypto Analyst

In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies, identifying the next big winners is crucial. However, in a recent YouTube video, Crypto Banter highlighted the top 10 altcoins set to rally this cycle. Crypto expert analyzes his top altcoin picks for the current cycle, highlighting his highest conviction bets and the factors driving their potential success. Here’s a closer look at his top 10 altcoin picks.

List of Top 10 Altcoins

1. Arweave (AR)

Arweave tops the list with its innovative decentralized storage protocol, with a market cap of $2.487 billion. Analysts predict a strong buying opportunity at $30, offering a potential 26.41% return on investment (ROI).

2. Solana (SOL)

Ranked first based on blockchain activity, Solana stands out for its speed and low transaction costs. Currently priced at $171.7, Solana is expected to surge by 15.6% from its current price.

3. Toncoin (TON)

Previously known as Gram, Toncoin is the native cryptocurrency of the TON network, closely tied to Telegram. With a recent 560% increase in Total Value Locked (TVL) over the last 30 days.

4. Near Protocol (NEAR)

Near Protocol is recognized for its speed and ties to AI development. NEAR is currently trading at $7.62, with an expected price surge of 22.90%.

5. Rune (THORChain)

Rune is integral to the THORChain platform’s liquidity pools. With a market cap of $1.8 billion, analysts recommend a buying price of $5.

6. Sui (SUI)

Sui is a permissionless smart contract platform using the Move programming language. It has seen a significant inflow from Ethereum (ETH) over the past three months, outpacing AVAX and SOL in this regard.

7. Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum remains a staple in the crypto world, continually benefiting from its extensive use in decentralized applications.

8. Coinbase (COIN)

As a leading cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase stands to gain significantly from the adoption of ETH ETFs. Trading at $231, with a market cap of $56.8 billion is expected to see growth driven by its transaction, custody, and staking services.

9. Fantom (FTM)

Fantom is utilized for staking, voting, payments, and transaction fees on its network. Currently trading at $0.82, it is anticipated to experience an 8.90% price surge.


Combining AI and Elon Musk meme culture, BASEDAI offers a unique cryptocurrency experience. Analysis suggests it is poised for a modest 2.1% increase from its current price.

Meanwhile, these top 10 altcoins represent a mix of high-potential projects across various sectors within the cryptocurrency space. 

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