These Coins Have Kickstarted a ‘Massive Altcoin Rally’ by Outperforming Bitcoin and Ethereum

On Crypto Banter’s ‘The Sniper Trading Show’ the analyst took a closer look at the market, particularly concerning altcoin investments and long-term holdings. He stressed the importance of understanding the performance relative to Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two major players in the market.

By adjusting settings to view currency performance against Bitcoin or Ethereum, investors can discern which tokens outperform Bitcoin. While not many tokens have shown major outperformance in the past week due to temporary factors like dominance retesting, some tokens have shown promising performance relative to Bitcoin over the past month.

With Bitcoin and Ethereum receiving attention and experiencing bullish trends, the focus now shifts to identifying tokens that could outperform. Tokens like Injective, Render, Blockstack, AVAX, Ethereum, and Sushi show signs of awakening and outperformance against Bitcoin.

The analyst explained that if you look at Ethereum, not much has beaten it lately except for dydx, a decentralized exchange, and a few others. He thinks Ethereum will do better than most altcoins for now, but many altcoins will follow when it makes a big move. 

He explained that by comparing Solana to Ethereum, you can see which outperforms the other. When the chart is green, Solana is doing better; when it’s red, Ethereum is winning. So, if you had swapped one Ethereum for Solana last September, you would have gained three Ethereum by now. Many focus on the token’s price, but what matters is its performance against Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

The analyst pointed out how platforms like Optimism can help you earn more Ethereum. He loves charts that show consistent patterns over time, just like the one with Cosmos. If you notice when the pattern changes, you can make smart moves. For example, selling one Ethereum to buy Atom and then buying back Ethereum later can help you grow your assets. 

He suggested slowly accumulating tokens like Injective, and when it starts breaking through, it’s time to dive in. Look at Theta—it’s perfectly positioned now. Remember, in the last cycle, some tokens outperformed Ethereum by 1,300%. Currently, Ethereum is the focus, but we should also be ready for the next phase when altcoins start surpassing Ethereum.

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