Ripple Launches New Fund to Boost XRP Ledger in Japan and South Korea 

Ripple has introduced a new fund aimed at promoting the XRP Ledger in Japan and South Korea. This strategic move of the San Francisco-based blockchain company, leverages its significant financial resource to foster growth and innovation in these key markets.

Ripple Taps into Its War Chest 

Ripple has tapped into its 1 billion XRP war chest to support this initiative. Initially committed to various XRP projects in April, this fund will now direct tens of millions of dollars over time towards comparte partnerships, investments and developer grants. Ripple executive Emi Youshikawa confirmed the substantial backing intended to drive the XRP Leder’s adoption and utility in these regions. 

Ripple’s Strategic Expansion in Japan 

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has frequently praised Japan for its favourable environment for XRP. He has even considered relocating the company’s global headquarters to Japan. In April, Ripple expanded its footprint in Japan by collaborating with Tokyo-based HashKey DX, further solidifying its presence.

Ripple’s Key Partnerships and Developments in East Asia

In May, SBI VC Trade, the crypto trading platform of Japanese financial giant SBI Holdings, began operating its validator on the XRP Ledger. Additionally, projects from Japan and South Korea received funding during the seventh wave of the XRPL Grants program.

Ripple’s new fund underscores its dedication to strengthen the XRP Ledger ecosystem in the two powerful economies in the East Asia region, Japan and South Korea. By investing heavily in these regions, Ripple aims to enhance the adoption and application of its blockchain technology.   

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