PEPEP, LINK Holders Down, Raboo Investors Brag About Profits

The smartest investors never underestimate the impact of crypto news on your trading. Friday was ample proof of why trading can’t be the only source of utility on a project, and Pepe Coin (PEPE) traders must have learned the hard way. Chainlink (LINK) and the top DeFi coins were hit the hardest, and the market is about to get more active now. On the other hand, Raboo ($RABT) is bringing AI into the meme world to switch things up a bit. There’s also SocialFi at the core of its project, so $RABT profits are open to everyone.

The presale is on, too, and you don’t want to sit this one out!

Pepe Coin skids to a stop

It was a typical Pepe Coin week last week, as the token plunged by 17.95% after reaching its ATH. Meme coins are rarely ever as consistent as Pepe was throughout May, though, and investors are ready to see the token bounce back in June.

Due to its overbought position, Pepe Coin was already in price correction. The intense hype made PEPE reflect a value above its intrinsic value, hence the price correction. Then came the Labor reports on Friday that shook the market, and PEPE price sank further to 17% losses.

But the bulls aren’t going down without a fight. PEPE’s whales have been accumulating tokens since the bearish dip, and PEPE price is already looking to break out in a bullish style. Still, investors have to take care; meme coins are grossly unreliable, especially when they lack utility.

The altcoin depression hit the top DeFi coins pretty badly and under the worst conditions yet. Most of the top altcoins, like Chainlink, were in bullish trends last week until the US labor updates dropped on Friday.

There were more jobs than anticipated in May, and Chainlink holders sold off their tokens following a decline in the uptrend. The LINK token is now trading at 11% seven day loss, mainly because of the sell-off, and unlike other top altcoins, Chainlink’s price predictions are not looking good from here.

Before the bearish hit, LINK holders were looking at surging up to the $33 resistance; now Chainlink is only stabilizing at about $15.90. LINK holders are losing confidence in Chainlink’s price predictions, and there are a lot of trading options open to them at the moment.

One of them is the fast-growing Raboo token, a meme coin offering utility and presale profits.

Here’s more on $RABT’s features.

Post-to-earn with Raboo

Meme coins enthusiasts are welcome to one of the largest meme communities the crypto-verse has known. For the first time in the meme sector, users will be getting incentives to post meme-worthy content on their communities–and it’s courtesy of Raboo.

The Raboo project has a grand ambition to take out the tacky meme coins while building a sustainable meme ecosystem. How so? By creating only high-quality memes for circulation in the crypto-verse. The project has a generative AI integrated into its operations to help with creating fresh, new memes every day.

But even AI won’t be enough; human contributions are needed, and that’s where Raboo’s users will come in. As you engage and post meme content on your socials, you get $RABT tokens as rewards. It’s SocialFi at its best, and, in case you were wondering, Raboo’s tokenomics support it, too.

The Raboo team has earmarked about 135 million tokens for rewarding user participation, so what are you waiting for?


Joining Raboo starts from the presale, and you might as well get some profit from that, too.

The $RABT tokens go for $0.0048; there’s a 233% presale profits pool to tap into and 100x ROI expected when the tokens make it to a top-tier exchange.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here



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