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Not Ethereum or Solana, These Altcoin Ecosystems Are Being Targeted by Blackrock

Analyst Ran of Crypto Banter channel is finding it difficult to contain his excitement, particularly as altcoins are performing strongly even before the breakout is fully confirmed. If the breakout holds, he advises focusing on two ecosystems, one of which is evident, while the other has caught many by surprise and still has potential. 

The analyst pointed out that many in the crypto community had dismissed a particular ecosystem, believing it was no longer viable. However, this ecosystem, namely BNB, has quietly been gaining momentum and recently reached an all-time high. Despite doubts and negative sentiment, BNB has defied expectations, catching many off guard. 

This unexpected surge in BNB’s performance signals a shift in the market, with funds flowing from other assets like Solana into BNB. This trend, evident in on-chain data, suggests that BNB is poised for further growth, catching bears by surprise and highlighting the significance of on-chain analysis in predicting market movements.

He also asked, ‘Why are BlackRock and Citadel buying up the entire supply of this Altcoin sector?’

He noted that Ethereum, BNB, and Solana haven’t reached all-time highs yet. Additionally, assets like Lio staked ETH, XRP, Dogecoin, and Cardano, aren’t expected to hit all-time highs. BNB is the first blockchain to achieve this milestone, entering price discovery territory with a market cap exceeding $100 billion. 

The analyst said, “It looks like this BNB ecosystem will continue to run. Now, if the BNB ecosystem continues to run and people are caught off guard, we may actually be still early for the BNB ecosystem.”

He said that old cycle tokens, where the token circulation is already mostly in circulation, indicate a healthy ecosystem. With that in mind, he advised accumulating tokens listed on the BSC chain.

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