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Ethereum Set to Outperform Bitcoin in the Next Bull Market, Eyes For $10k

After the approval of the Ethereum ETF which directly holds ether (ETH) is soon going live in the U.S. Meanwhile, crypto analytics firm K33 Research report suggests that ETH ETF could attract $4 billion in inflows within the first five months.

K33 Research made their prediction by looking at how much money is managed in existing ETH-based exchange-traded products worldwide, comparing them with similar products for bitcoin (BTC). They also checked how many futures contracts were being traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), which is a big deal for big investors.

Ethereum to Outperform Bitcoin

Adding to the optimism, a crypto analyst recently tweeted about why Ethereum (ETH) might outperform Bitcoin (BTC) in the second half of this market cycle. They pointed out five main reasons why ETH might be a better investment than BTC. This is especially true after recent changes like the merge, EIP-1559, and the introduction of ETH ETFs.

Here’s 5 Solid Reasons

Lower Operating Costs for Validators – Ethereum’s validators have low operating costs, so they don’t need to sell as much ETH. Bitcoin miners, on the other hand, often sell BTC to cover their high costs.

Token Incentives – Bitcoin pays about $43.8 million daily to miners, creating high selling pressure. In contrast, Ethereum pays around $7.2 million daily, resulting in $36.6 million less in potential selling activity.

Token Burn Mechanism – With the implementation of EIP-1559, about 80% of user transaction fees are burned reducing overall ETH’s supply, while the remaining 20% helps keep the network running. This is different from Bitcoin, which has a fixed supply.

Locked Supply – Nearly 40% of ETH is “soft locked” in DeFi services or as collateral, reducing its circulating supply. This helps stabilize the price and can lead to rise in price.

Higher Onchain Activity – Ethereum supports various activities like DeFi, layer 2 solutions, gaming, and NFTs. When network usage is high, more ETH is burned, making it scarcer and potentially increasing its value.

Ethereum Eyes For $10K

ETH Bullish Following the approval of a spot ETH ETF, Ethereum has broken out of a multi-month falling wedge pattern. Meanwhile, crypto analyst Jelle suggests that if ETH surpasses $4,000, it could rally to $10,000.

As of now, ETH successfully regained the $3,810 price range and briefly tested the $3,900 price range, with a market cap of $457 billion. 

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